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Ginnifer Goodwin: Fashion Winner at MET Costume Institute Gala 2011

May 4, 2011

When it comes to galas, there is no question that the MET Costume Institute Gala is the best event for catching top fashions–bar none. This years Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty Gala at the MET did justice for fashion. Of course most stars paying homage to the late great Alexander McQueen did go all out in some risk-taking designs.  There were many more winners I would say than losers (though there were several unfortunate cases): celebs, socialites, and fashion industry VIPs stepped it up a notch with couture fashions. The trend for the evening seemed to be head to toe lace in soft nudes in the style of Princess Kate Middleton’s elegant wedding dress (great choice for her big day). But my favorite pieces were jewel toned and simple. Presenting the winners and losers from Monday night.

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All About Buns

May 3, 2011

It seems that all of us are guilty of sticking to the same hairstyle. I do this frequently. For two months I wore my hair straight parted to the side with a bobby pin. Two months later I wore my hair in a Marilyn Monroe-esque style, big waves parted to the side again. After that I opted for big voluminous hair, 50’s style. It’s safe to say that the lifespan of my hairstyle is between two to six months. It’s safe and easy to do the same do every morning–there’s less thinking involved and you don’t have to scratch your head and waste time thinking about your look. Now I’ve finally started to experiment more with my look. While wearing my hair up in a messy chignon several times last month, I received abundant compliments. My mother always did tell me that I looked best with my hair up, but I never trusted her. But, as always, I have to admit that mother was right (HATE that). Wearing my hair up gives more attention to my eyes, cheekbones, and neck, all of which are strong features.

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Time for Maxi Dresses

May 2, 2011

For some reason I’ve always been a pants kind of girl, but now I’m changing from skinny jeans and leggings, which I’m growing more and more sick of, into flowy maxi dresses. With my height long dresses are perfect. And they are so so easy to pull off for the daytime with sandals and the nighttime as well with heels and perhaps a little leather jacket for some edge. My favorite styles are those with bold colors and delicate floral designs, which are the definition of femininity.Where to wear these dresses? On campus, out for lunch, on a date, and of course on vacation at say a resort in the Turks & Caicos. Go ahead and add some romance to your life, which doesn’t involve a man (though in one of these stunners a new man may just come along!).

Now that I’m in the market for the perfect easy-breezy maxi, here are my top considerations, which of course are affordable (under $200).

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SIFE: Supporting Guatemala One Bag at a Time

April 27, 2011

If you feel guilty about buying that bag that you just have to have, think again…how about buying a bag that you can actually feel good about?

That’s the concept behind the SIFE (students in free enterprise) Team Guatemala project, an initiative started by SU students from the Whitman School of Management, who are committed to “helping support the livelihood of Mayan weavers”. How have these students managed to help Mayan women overcome poverty? By giving weavers the opportunity to use their talents to create one-of-a-kind handbags, coin purses, hair accessories, picture frames, and laptop cases.

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From School to The Office: The Perfect Satchel

April 21, 2011

Shopping on my favorite site, asos, or rather browsing for inspiration, I spotted a delectable satchel that I just have to have. This darling bag has a perfect rectangular structured shape and a hard base with feet, which means your notebooks will fit without getting deformed. It has a flap and turnlock closure–my favorite feature which adds a touch of vintage, and a long adjustable strap to fit however you would like it to. It comes in three bright spring colors but this green one is my favorite. It goes great with denim, white, cream, or black (though I’m swearing off black this season..maybe!).

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Fashionista of the Week: Vintage Star

April 20, 2011

I love fashionistas who mix and match–especially those who add a touch of vintage to their modern outfit. The key to successful dressing is mixing cheap with expensive, old with new, classic with trend. Take a salvo T, pair it with Joe’s jeans, and punch it up with forever21 bracelets and your grandma’s vintage necklace. Voila, c’est tres chic et original!

It just takes a teeny bit of creativity. Now that warm weather is here, fashionistas can really let their creativity shine. This week’s featured fashionista, Tali, a sophomore in the Arts and Sciences school at Syracuse University, has made a bright splash for spring. She has done the whole mix and match thing impeccably. I love how she has added bold pattern to her overall girly look. She’s accessorized perfectly, adding just enough bling without going over the top (though as Rachel Zoe says, you can never accessorize too much). Here’s Tali’s look:

*  Black pointy flats by Mia

*  Bookbag by Nicole Lee

*  Antique gold dangly earrings from Forever21

*  Cuffed skinny jeans by Diesel

*  Vintage animal print midriff shirt from a thrift store

*   Shades from Some Girls (under $30)

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Gentlemen: How to look like a Babe this Spring

April 19, 2011

April Showers bring May flowers…and…new clothes of course (I couldn’t think of anything wittier). So guys, let Phantom Fashion assist you in sprucing up your wardrobe. My personal faves this season are the preppy and urban look. You can of course mix and match pieces from both styles, in fact it’s encouraged. This week, Phantom Fashion is putting the spotlight on daytime looks..but of course you can wear nighttime in the day and vice versa. Stay true to your personality or change it up for a’s always fun to put on a different character anyways. The most important thing is not to fall in the trap of being too reserved. It’s fashion, take some risks.

Some general suggestions:

1. If you’re wearing a button down, keep it cool and unbutton the first few buttons.

2. avoid wearing a T underneath button downs (a little visible chest hair can be hot), if you must wear a tank

3. Roll up your pants and pair with loafers/sneaks

4. Canvas boat shoes, loafers, and leather sandals are the best shoes this season. Never ever pair with socks!

5. Layer, layer, layer: wear a graphic T underneath a blazer or a sweater vest over a button down. And don’t forget scarves.

7. Add some fun with a bow tie–you can rock it.

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