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From School to The Office: The Perfect Satchel

April 21, 2011

Shopping on my favorite site, asos, or rather browsing for inspiration, I spotted a delectable satchel that I just have to have. This darling bag has a perfect rectangular structured shape and a hard base with feet, which means your notebooks will fit without getting deformed. It has a flap and turnlock closure–my favorite feature which adds a touch of vintage, and a long adjustable strap to fit however you would like it to. It comes in three bright spring colors but this green one is my favorite. It goes great with denim, white, cream, or black (though I’m swearing off black this season..maybe!).

What’s really unique about it is its leather floral design, definitely unique. I have a hunch that this will be a popular hit on asos, so I would suggest buying one now if you don’t want to risk a let-down.And, you can most likely afford it at $98.62. You’re paying $98.62 for a bag that doubles as a school/day bag and office bag, so I’d say that you’re essentially saving a lot of money that you can use for other things, say a flouncy spring floral skirt…(my top pics for feminine skirts/dresses coming next week).

Perfect shape, perfect size

Finely etched leather

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