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Tied Shirt Around Waist? Acceptable in 1990.

January 31, 2011

In the times of MCHammer and Nirvana, some pretty weird styles of clothing prevailed. Urban fashion accepted sequined pants, block colored shirts in daring neon colors (remember Fresh Prince of BelAir?), and silk sweatpant suits (my father still has 2). At the same time the grunge movement endorsed ripped jeans that looked like they’d been World War II, backwards hats (still hate that look), oversized T-shirts 5 sizes too big, and yes…shirts tied around the waist. I don’t know why those styles were considered cool. It’s like the less we tried, the cooler we looked. As an 80’s baby (LATE 80’s), I was a mere pre-pubescent when Saved by the Bell was the bomb and Tiffany ran the universe. But I do remember watching my brother head off to middle school and thinking that he was so “fresh” in his Zach Morris-esque clothes.

It’s fun looking back. Back is the key word. But some individuals, who either don’t have televisions or haven’t picked up a magazine in 10 years, have no idea what year it is. Maybe they’ve been living in a bomb shelter, or maybe they are clueless (as most fashion offenders are). I’m not saying that one must be up-to-trend every minute; as you know I always find it pathetic when some one wears too many trends at once. I also appreciate vintage fashion (to be seen in my next blog article). But some vintage fashion (mainly the 90’s) is so ugly that it should never, ever resurface.

Example: shirts tied around the waist

Ummmm ya. Weirdly, some celebs think it’s still cool to look raggedy on purpose. Johnny Depp, who never seems like he gives a damn, frequently pulls the anti-Hollywood/anti-Fashion stunt. Mary Kate Olsen has recently left 2011 and traveled back in time. Evidence:

Is that Kurt Cobain? On another note: since when does Johnny Depp play in a band?

I wonder what her fashion line looks like these days.

Well, if these stars have done it, I guess we can do it too. But let’s limit our fashion offenses to one at a time. Otherwise you look like a clown. Here is what I’m talking about:

Oh Girl

How many disastrous faults can you name in this picture? I’ll point them out for you:

1. White pants in January ( hate to admit that your mother was right: no white after labor day; white pants at least)

2. Running shoes with jeans

3. Black leather jacket with white jeans

4. Kurt Cobain-esque hairstyle with awful chunky highlights

5. Sweatshirt tied around waist

The ironic thing about this is that this was spotted in LA..which I thought was a city of style. Seeing this on my first night in Hollywood represented my disillusionment of LA, which characterized my entire week in la-la Land…

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  1. September 18, 2011 6:05 am

    Nope, wrong.

  2. February 28, 2013 9:19 pm

    yeah Ill do this decade day, 1990s

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