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Attn Men: No Jean Shorts EVER!

April 12, 2011

I’m not sure if you’ve read my post yet about offensive 90’s fashions, which should never resurface. Well, here is one more: Jean shorts for men, more commonly known as jorts. I really hope to never see any gentleman in these–they scream outdated and lame (sorry to be so mean). But really, they are a no no. Now I should clarify that I speak about blue jeans..because gray denim and black denim shorts are a whole other arena.

Instead of denim jeans, do khakis, dark colored cottons, twill, or linen–hot for summer. Also consider capris (Rafael Nadal’s pant of choice), which if done correctly paired with leather sandals and a light-weight button-down or fitted T), can look great. I will give you the full scope of men’s summer clothing options next week.

Please avoid looking like you stepped out of a time warp. You won’t score it big with the ladies or gentlemen (to all of my gay friends). Well, at least the ladies and men, who have at least one ounce of fashion consciousness.

Here is the fashion offender and inspiration for this post, who I spotted on Comstock Avenue:

sorry for the blurriness, it's not so easy taking a pic incognito!

He must really be nostaligic for the 90’s, especially with that flannel shirt. Definitely, NOT a good look. LA seeing the jort/flannel combination wasn’t so rare (unfortunately).

Oh, and please, please, never try this look:

I love Karl, but honestly his bf, Baptiste Giabiconi,---wtf?

Let’s count all of Babtise’s fashion offenses:

1. jorts

2. short shorts

3. flannel with jorts

4. athletic sneakers with shorts

Really now, you would think walking around with the brilliant Karl Lagerfeld, Baptiste would have reconsidered his outfit before stepping out for a stroll. On the other hand, how could Mr. Lagerfeld have let his boy toy leave the house looking like this? My oh my.

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  1. Names are irrelevant permalink
    June 19, 2011 8:13 pm

    Tsk tsk. Where are YOU living?
    Denim cut offs are big right now, and have been for awhile amongst all male style types here in NYC…you know, the fashion capital of the world.
    Granted “Daisy Dukes” and acid wash are not, but dark rinsed cut offs cut right above the knee are a fashion staple for spring and summer.

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