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The Secret To Stubble Free Legs

November 2, 2010

When it comes to the much dreaded topic of hair removal many options come to mind: waxing (owwww), lazer hair removal (cha-ching, there goes your savings account), threading (a valuable hour gone from your day just to fix up your brows), and finally the old method–shaving.

Everyone has their shaving horror story. Major nicks, in-grown hairs, multiple and multiple repeated strokes, the pain of shaving over goosebumps (don’t you just love the biting Syracuse chill?), and the last-minute dry shave (hey, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do). Usually, the culprit of these stories lies in one of two factors: a dull razor or a shaving gel/lotion that just doesn’t do its job.

For years, I’ve been a devoted user of Skintimate shaving gels and creams. When I started shaving, I was simply intriqued by those old ads–how can you forget the synchronized swimmers doing headstand splits in circles, revealing their perfectly smooth legs? And of course those delicious scents like “luscious kiwi splash”, “raspberry rain”, and “flirty mango” just to name a few.

When my skin didn’t react well to these gels, I switched over to moisturizing shave creams in those upside down tubes, which always fell over in my shower. And yet, these still irritated my sensitive skin. I blamed the shave burn on my razer blades. Maybe it was the Gillette Venus that was failing me.

Finally, an accidental walk through the Food Mart at the Schine Bookstore, made me open up my eyes. As I scoped out the Vegan section for those oh so delicious cookie delights, I stumbled upon a treasure in the “natural beauty section”– Alba Moisturizing Shave Foam.

Shaving Miracle

Ever since, I have been a devoted fan of this product by AlbaBotanica (the child of Avalon Organics), a revolutionary skin care line that explicitly uses natural ingredients. I couldn’t believe that the Bookstore carried this as the brand is usually seen in natural food stores, like Wegman’s or Whole Foods..oh and Trader Joes (too bad they don’t exist in Syracuse). Thank you Syracuse University for keeping up with the beauty trends.

Asides from giving me a smooth shave, only a small amount is needed to fully coat your skin. In fact, the directions even instruct you to “use sparingly for best results”; when do you ever see that on any package? So clearly, this is a genuine product that doesn’t sell itself through the use of marketing gimmicks; I have yet to even see any advertisements for this brand (anyone?). The foam’s smell, aloe mint, is delightful and the botanical ingredients really do leave your skin with a fresh, cool feeling. Now, I look forward even more to cuddling up with my boyfriend!

I leave you with the Alba brand’s motto concerning conscientious living:

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched, but are felt in the heart”. – By Helen Keller


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