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Can smoking be fashionable?

November 30, 2010

If you look back to the past, particularly the 60’s, it’s impossible to watch a single movie without seeing a main character lighting up. For a while cigarettes were glorified and glamorized.Starlets from Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn (remember that classic scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s where Holy Go-Lightly puffs away on her extra long cigarette?) are seen in various images with a cigarette against their lips:

Mia Farrow

Sophia Loren

Audrey Hepburn

Brigitte Bardot

Grace Kelly

Marilyn Monroe

Need I keep going? I think you get the point. Of course it goes without saying that the FDA issued fewer warnings about the risks of smoking than they do now. I can’t buy a pack of cigs without being reminded that my health will be seriously impaired and I will die from lung cancer: “smoking kills”…ya ya ya tell me something I didn’t know.

Maybe that’s why more people smoked 40 years ago than today. Maybe that’s why smoking was more acceptable than today. Maybe that’s why people were allowed to smoke in restaurants, bars, and out on the street (yes, there are towns that ban smoking outside..aka Brookline, MA to name one). Maybe that’s why smoking was less of a taboo.

The taboo factor of smoking today, however, is quite questionable. Celebs are still seen smoking: Katherine Heigl (who Perez Hilton loves to bash), Lindsay Lohan, Colin Farrell (can you say chain smoker?), Kate Hudson, Kate Moss, and wait even Obama? Yes, him too.

Now I’m expecting to get a lot of negative feedback from this comment, but, I say, “hey, if you have an addiction, you might as well keep it fashionable.” That’s why I’m a fan of smoking accessories. Here are some very practical and stylish gadgets that let you smoke (if you absolutely must) in style:

1. Fueling two addictions at once. A Cigarette holder inside a flask. Engrave-able too.

On sale for $35.90 at

2. Beautiful Case with Peacock Design

On sale for $34.16 at













3. Cha-Ching, Check Out This Bling

On sale for $19.50 at














4. Wallet for Your Cigs

$16.95 at



















I’m liking these novelties. Just yesterday I bought a cigarette case and retro Marilyn Monroe Lighter

Metal Cigarette Case $6.50 at Down Under Leather and Vintage Lighter $2.50

Sure beats your regular paper box that always tears










I’m not trying to encourage smoking, I’m just helping to make the addicts (like me) feel better about themselves! Ok, maybe that sounds equally bad.

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  1. Amber permalink
    December 1, 2010 1:29 pm

    Yes, I love this. And damn those movies! Every time I think, okay Amber, let’s consider yourself a non-smoker for a moment, just a moment. Then I sit down and watch a classic, and then those little sticks have all their original appeal. I have this Ronson silver Queen Anne vintage desk lighter – not portable, the thing is like a grenade, but it’s beautiful!

  2. Roxy permalink
    December 1, 2010 5:19 pm

    A great topic, and sooo appropriate for me – by way of introduction: My friends say I’m a chain-smoking, semi-drunken ex go-go dancer from the ’60s – and I guess that sums it up nicely. My enemies probably say something less flattering, but it doesn’t matter, ’cause they’re mostly dead. But I’m also a celebrity – and as a celebrity, I set my own rules concerning where and when I smoke. Wherever I light up automatically becomes the smoking section. I ALWAYS smoke on airline flights, and rarely have a problem with it. A fistful of dollars handed to the flight attendant usually takes care of things at the beginning of the flight, and I give the stink-eye to passengers who have a problem with me, and if that doesn’t work, a few screamed obscenities usually does the trick. If all else fails, I’ll head to the lavatory – you ever seen what a stiletto heel does to a smoke detector?

    And anyway, what was true 40 years ago is still true today – smokers are much more interesting and attractive people than non-smokers. We’re smarter, coolness factor through the roof, and we sleep with more and better people than non-smokers (I’m speaking of women specifically here, I have no idea what guys are about).

    The other thing that irritates me is ex-smokers demanding that Big Tobacco pay them off — I won’t ever ask for payment from Big Tobacco, in fact, I may owe them a few bucks, since I occasionally shoplift a pack or two – you know how it is.

    You’ll of course want to see my blog – all about my life and adventures, and I smoke in every photo. I dare anyone to tell me I don’t look good doing it…

    Your friend,


  3. Roxy permalink
    December 2, 2010 10:40 am

    Since I neglected to comment on the main focus of the post:

    I LOVE the accessories shown, especially the flask! I just wish it were a little larger – but still, it’s so much classier than having my beverage container surrounded by a brown paper bag.

    Stay thirsty, my friends….

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