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EyeGlasses: Chic Not Geek

March 24, 2011

I love my eyes. I really, really do. I find them to be my best feature. So when I learned that I needed a glasses prescription from an eye exam 3 years ago, I panicked. What? Cover up my eyes? No way!

I knew that my eyesight was getting worse but for years, I thought that I could get away without wearing them. Of course I knew what I was in for at my eye exam; I knew that I didn’t have 20/20 vision: I mean I could no longer read the Neiman Marcus sale sign from 20 feet away while driving by my mall or watch Project Runway on my tv without looking like a goon with one eye closed and the other squinting as if I just got soap in my eyes. My girl friends would make fun of my constant squinting, but I tried to pass it off as a sexy glare. Still, those words, “You need glasses,” penetrated the depths of my soul. I hated the idea of covering up my eyes.

My first pair was less than stylish. White wire framed, square shaped Anne Kleins. They did not flatter my face AT ALL.

Well, now that I am convinced I need glasses (at least to see the board in my history class), I’m on the prowl for some chic frames.

Thank to my friend, Tim (my male fashion counterpart), I found this site, Warby Parker. For just $95, you can find a perfect pair of glasses. What’s really cool is that there is a virtual try-on feature. Look into your computer’s camera, smile, shoot, and choose from all of their styles and colors of frames to see whether you look Chic or Geek.

I used my friend, Calvin Iverson, as my guinea-pig:

Not too bad I would say. He is wearing the Wiloughby in Striped Chestnut. I’m a fan of the oversized style; I find that it looks good on most people–it has that retro throwback look.

Check out more fashionable specs for both gentlemen and ladies from Warby Parker:

Tenley in midnight blue: best for heart and oval faces

Sinclair in greystone: best for square, oval, and heart-shaped faces

Winston in old fashioned fade: best for round and oval faces

Digby in Dark tortoise crystal: best for round and oval faces

Colton in revolver black crystal: best for oval, square, and round faces

Filmore in tennessee whisky: best for square and oval faces

If you think glasses aren’t cool..think again. Glasses are super cool now; even those without a prescription are getting fake glasses just for the trend. The most important thing about glasses is to find a pair that works best for face shape, so you’llĀ  probably need to try on a dozen or more, before finding the perfect pair. And don’t play it conservative, bold, thick frames look way hotter than wire-thin ones.

These celebs know what’s up:

Eva Longoria, beautiful with or without glasses

The always foxy Megan Fox makes glasses super sexy

Scarlett Johansson looks 50's chic with her oversized frames










Justin Timberlake says "Bye, Bye, Bye" to his contacts

Ne-Yo keepin' it real

Joe Jonas: while I don't love his music, I do love his look










Finally, I present to you the lovely Kate Moss, who just launched her own eyewear collection for Vogue:

Have I convinced you yet? Go ahead and try on a pair. Maybe you’ll feel smarter, sexier, or more mysterious.

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  1. Amber permalink
    March 30, 2011 12:33 am

    I’m always noticing others’ frames. And, although I love my Vogue frames, I love the variety and ability of being able to mix it up with contacts. I’ve been too stripped for cash lately to restock, and actually, I’ve been getting a little self-conscious about wearing my glasses all of the time (“like, c’mon!”) but then I grow up and rationalize with myself, because I get compliments on them quite often. They really are a fashion accessory!

  2. Anonymous permalink
    October 31, 2012 7:46 pm

    Which ones is Eva wearing?

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