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Would You Wear Trash?

March 7, 2011

Yes, literally, would you wear Trash? If you’re at all familiar with the phenomenon of Trashion, the creation of clothes from recycled/found/used materials, you may answer, “yes.”

My first introduction to this very original, unorthodox art movement was by watching Project Runway. In the early seasons, I remember watching a challenge where the designers had to design a non-bridal outfit out of a wedding dress and another episode where designers used old worn jeans to create an entire denim look. More impressively, one challenge asked the designers to create fashions made from plants (branches, leaves, flowers, etc). I have no idea how they did it, but the results (well most of the results) were jaw-dropping.

This past June, the El Paso Public Library in Texas hosted its own Trashion Show, featuring works from local designers.

The designs were facinating, from painted tin foil dresses to hats made out of magazine pages, the show was certainly a theatrical spectacle that made me question my own idea of fashion.

all photos by Jessica Tracy

For those in the audience, the show really was dazzling. As Jessica Tracy, one of the observers and show supporters reported, “The show was very unique and exciting, I think that it stimulated creativity and conservation in the young fashion students. I loved it!”

Let the creative juices keep flowing. Thumbs up for Trashion.

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