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Fashionable Crocs?

February 23, 2011

I was just about to reward CROCS with the “Ugliest Shoe of the Decade” Award, until I went to their website to do some research. And what I found is something entirely unexpected…There is a change brewing at the Crocs company; some one on the design team has created some decent, rather fashionable shoes.

When most of us think of Crocs, we think of tacky, rubber, cartoonish clogs with stupid holes on the top ( I guess it’s for air ventilation..or scuba diving). Shoes that are only acceptable if you are a two year old (as my friend, Tim, says, “Two Year Olds Can Pull Off Anything), a resident nurse/doctor, or wind surfer. Other than that, those ridiculous things should be avoided at all costs.BUT, the Crocs line has recently expanded to include heals, boots, loafers, and flats. This is thanks to their recent creation of YOU shoes. The You by Crocs line has trend-concept designs, promising shoes that are comfortable, shock-absorbent, resilient, and breathable. Crocs has also collaborated with a line called Ocean Minded for men, which offers beach-appropriate, environmentally-friendly, and stylish shoes.

Check these out:

The Lolasita by YOU , $99

The Tarshie by YOU in beige, $89.99

The Frilita by YOU, on sale for $69.99 (reg. $99.99)

The Paigey by YOU, $99

The Walu (reg Croc line), $59.99


The Wender by Ocean Minded, $75.00



















Not too bad, right? The website currently highlights their Hoover shoe, uberlight, 7 oz. sneakers that won’t “weigh you down.”

Sure, I’m a Manolo kind of girl; but we all know that those fabulous heels come with a price: excruciating pain..most of the time that is. Well with my feet ( I hate them so I won’t go into detail), I have a difficult time finding comfortable shoes, so this claim of shoes that you could wear all day long, without finding the need to be wheeled back home after a night in the office, sounds good to me. Maybe I’ll take these shoes for a spin.

I guess that concept of reserving judgment before experience is a good lesson here. Now, when I think of crocs, I won’t just think of rubber shoes that make you look like Mickey Mouse.

A word from my fellow fashionista, Amber, “I guess I won’t judge a croc by it’s rubber anymore.”

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  1. February 24, 2011 1:31 pm

    Croc’s god’s curse to man kind like locusts: omg they are so nasty and dont even know why they are even popular. Recall all of them and donate them to people who dont have shoes and live in tropical weather please. Def your recommendations from these obinations of crocs are quite tasteful I can see myself wearing The Wender : ) yo go girl much love for Phantom Fashion PF

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