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Sunglasses in The Snow? A Faux-Pas?

February 20, 2011

Unless you’re Kanye West or Rihanna, wearing sunglasses at night seems rather absurd. Nevertheless, celebs do it all the time. Most of the time, our favorite celebs, like Victoria Beckham or Anna Wintour, seldom part with their shades. But they usually have good reason to wear their sunglasses night and day; they’re either being hounded down by the paparazzi or recovering from post-party hangovers…or they just think they’re “cool” (see Mike Posner song). If my best friend ever stepped into a club, trying to look “fly” with her aviators on, I would definitely have a few words to say to her (nothing too derogatory of course).

So now that the snow is here, I ask, does wearing sunglasses with your winter coat, hat, and gloves make you look like a douche? Or is it OK?

Just today, I saw a young gentleman wearing a fur hooded down coat, Tims, and a wool cap–and a pair of dark as night, solar glare proof shades. First, I was puzzled…what the….?? Was my initial reaction. But two seconds later after standing outside the library and freezing to death, burying my head in my coat to protect my face from the wind chill, I was wishing that I was wearing shades too.

On the one hand, it’s a fairly good tactic to keep the sun out of your eyes. Take a look at this article about “Why We Need Sunglasses in Winter” by Holly Lebowitz Rossi, who explains the need to wear sunglasses 365 days a year. It’s all about UV protection; we all know the dangerous effects of UV exposure (a reason why you shouldn’t bake in a tanning bed). That doesn’t mean 24/7. I say that if it’s after 5pm, do yourself a favor and take off those Ray Bans.

With that said, I do encourage you to consider wearing sunglasses this time of year. Personally, I’ve always associated sunglasses with warm weather, but I now have a change of heart.

My Top Picks

For the Fellas:

I still believe that aviators are a classic look that will ever-be cool. But my visit to LA, made me like a few 80’s-ish styles too.

Fat Wallet:

Large rectangular shades by Gucci. $310 at

Sporty look: Black frame outside with red accents; mix of an aviator shield and a square shape by Burberry. $200 at SunglassHut









Tight Pockets:

Updated Aviators with bar across nose bridge by M:UK. $25.10 (reg $43.03) at

Square flip-ups by Ben Sherman. On sale for $71.72 (reg $134.48) at










For the Ladies:

At the moment, I’m feeling the cat-eye kind of look. But of course all depends on your face shape. i.e. If you have a peanut head stay away from over-sized shades.

Big Spender

Gray tinted oversized Cat Eye shades by Miu Miu. $215.16 at

Square aviator style shields with aqua tint by Burberry. On sale for $159.98 (reg $230) at









Frugal & Fab

Dark oval shaped logo frames by Karen Millen. On sale for $53.79 (reg $116.55) at

Square frames with gold accents (available in other colors also) "Mishka" style by Spitfire. $35 from










Burberry seems to care about your eyesight during the winter, or maybe they just want to suck more money out of us…but either way, their fall/winter eyewear campaign has convinced me that it’s NOT a faux pas to wear sunglasses in winter.


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