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Drag Queen Style on Hollywood Boulevard

February 6, 2011

WTF? I screamed, walking along Hollywood Boulevard as I looked inside a store window and saw Drag Queen-proof shoes…so tacky that I literally had to hold myself back from throwing up. It was a sight to behold; shelves stacked with 6 inch high platform heels, covered in atrocious sequins from hot pink to red to emerald green. Some with bows, some with clear heels, some with cheetah print, some covered in disguising plastic-y looking leather. Why? Why here? Why in Hollywood? Since when did the Boulevard become this tacky? I was already disillusioned with the lack of high fashion in Hollywood..and this just sealed the deal.

These pictures took a lot of work to get, as the owners gave me the dirty eye while I tried to inconspicuously click my camera. A moment later, I saw the “No Pictures Please” sign on the door, which was the case in all of those shops; I guess they were weary of public exposure or something.

It's like Dorothy's Ruby Red Slippers from The Wizard of Oz Gone Wrong

Green? Pink? 6 inch heels? 8 inch heels? Take your pick

I guess I was just a naive girl from Boston, totally uneducated about this neck of the woods. So I did a little research to feel less ignorant. Tracing back in history, Hollywood used to be infamous for prostitution and gang violence. Up until 2003, Hollywood had “2/3 of all prostitution arrests in the city”; it was where Hugh Grant and Eddie Murphy (yes, the Nutty Professor) were charged for soliciting prostitutes. And in later years, the avenue suffered from crime pollution: broken windows, graffiti, vandalism..the works.

But drag queens? Well I didn’t actually see drag queens during my visit with my own eyes…so I guess those heels were meant for strippers, porn stars, or prostitutes (all the same thing to me). After seeing one of those gross shops, I thought that was it, but the further down I walked, the more atrocity I saw. Every store after the other was a shopping haven for the crust of society’s litter (Sorry, no offense to any strippers, porn stars, or prostitutes). I counted about 15 stores around the 6000’s. Maya’s Shoes on 6564 Hollywood Blvd, seems to be the most famous one of them all.

On a positive note, now you know where to find your next Halloween costume, if you’re going as Jenna Jameson, or Liberace.

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  1. neonthreadsclothing permalink
    March 25, 2011 4:27 am

    Crazy shoes, love them! I liked the article too!

  2. danisha permalink
    March 13, 2012 12:40 am

    actually im no prostitute or strippers but i tink those pink rinestone encrusted ones are sexy ;)….ur just mad u dont have the calf muscels to rock em babii….chicken legs…lml…huh…

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