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Lost in la la Land

February 3, 2011

I usually find myself to be very fashionable and a trend setter (I know I’m very modest). But my week in LA made me think otherwise. With a suitcase filled with 3 pairs of black leggings (a girl can never have too many), cashmere cardigans, a little black dress, and 3 pairs of black booties, I thought that I would hit the high fashion mark. Little did I know that my East-Coast chic wardrobe would not fly in the west coast. I sort of forgot that I was in the home land of Ed Hardy.

Not only were my clothes far too conservative, but they also did not at all fit within the color pallet of the dynamic city. On my first venture in the young neighborhood of Silver Lakes in West Hollywood, I felt like a fish out of water. “Wait a second, since when are neon colors acceptable in January?”; “Are fedoras really back in style?”, “Should I get pink highlights in my hair like hers?”, “Should I buy those hideous converse in orange that I saw in the window?”, “Am I way overdressed?”

I’ve always been proud of my look, which I call sophisticated elegance; but there, it’s more about spunk, edge, androgyny, and in some ways, rebelliousness. Forget about everything you knew (thought you knew) about fashion; those fashion guidelines we get from Anna Wintour don’t apply there.

I can’t say that all of LA felt like foreign land; Santa Monica was more my style, but for the most part, I felt that my look was too boring, safe, and mainstream. Would moving to LA mean that I would have to change my entire style? While I may adapt a few things here and there: mixing prints, wearing bolder makeup for night, and expanding my vintage clothing collection, I don’t plan on being a grungy hipster any time soon.

Here are some pictures at a West Hollywood Art Gallery Exhibit. It’s safe to say that I spent more time observing the people than the actual art.

purple, plastic, and all over tacky

orange hair to match her orange shirt. Oh and check out that head piece on the blonde; pretty creative. I dig her apricot lipstick.

Should I buy a newsboy cap for my boy?

Everything about this is wrong..don't even know where to begin...


That black trash bag looking thing appears to be the common choice here...worn by girl with red tights in the left corner as well as our obvious victim (sorry her outfit was so memorable that she gets two mentions)

More caps, chains, and stripes (Purple seems to be a hot color in LA)


Typical dirty looking musician and interesting looking chica on left (like her pixie hair cut btw), who I give props for being innovative, yet not over-zealous in terms of being fashionable

Sure, you can find similar looks at hipster parties in NYC (soho), Boston (specifically Cambridge), even here in Syracuse.  But here seeing some one dressed up in an unconventional ensemble seems normal rather than peculiar. There’s a dime a dozen of these “artsy” (every one thinks they are an artist here) types.

I don’t mean to stereotype LAers; Beverly Hills, it’s safe to say, has quite a different take on fashion; a dress code that is more me. Next trip, I’ll venture to Rodeo Drive, I’m sure the photos will be 180 degrees different…

to be continued

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