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Is That His X-Mas Getup?

December 19, 2010

I’ve seen a lot of strange clothing choices, a lot of “what was he/she thinking?” moments. But seldom have I seen someone wear something that literally made me chase after him to take a picture! Coming out of Bird Library, I saw a very strange sight: a guy in skinny bright green pants and UGG boots: a combination that made my jaw drop and my eyes bug out.

Green is a good color...for a X-Mas tree maybe

My first thought walking in back of him was is this a girl with a boy haircut? My second was did he spend a night at his girlfriend’s house and accidently put on her pants and boots the next morning? My third thought was is this a dare? a practical joke? an outcry for attention?

I’m still not sure what this guy’s story is, but I’m sure of one think..his get-up is straight up, “whack” (I think I’ve been hanging around my boyfriend and his friends too much). I was actually embaressed for him. I wanted to save him from his fashion catastrophe, capture him, take him to the Carousel Mall, and give him a head-to-toe makeover. If he wasn’t wearing that black puffer coat (maybe a fur coat instead), I would definitely seize him and Phantom-ize him without question.

So let me just state the obvious: UGGS are for girls and bright green pants on guys are only acceptable on X-Mas (well not if you’re at your girlfriend’s parents house or a work party), Halloween, or April Fools Day.


Phantom Fashion

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