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WWRZD? (What Would Rachel Zoe Do)

December 13, 2010

In the giant sphere of fashion, there is one reigning queen and her name is Rachel Zoe (pronounced zo, not zo-ee). For any true fashionista, Rachel Zoe is a household name, synonymous with glamor, style, and of course, drama. I praise Bravo for giving Rachel her own show, The Rachel Zoe Project, one of my current television obsessions (my only one really), to let me gaze inside the world of this pint-sized fashion icon. The more I watch her show, the more I get to know her, and the more I go “bananas for her.”

Always dressed to perfection, rocking her oversized bug-eyed shades, 5 inch tall platform heels (in which she still is under 5’5″), layered costume jewelery, and her signature bohemian-chic outfits, Rachel has a killer fashion instinct and an attitude to boot. She has an insatiable appetite for fashion, which is impossible to tame, and an innate ability to recognize what works and what doesn’t work in terms of style. With the snap of her fingers, she can style a celebrity from head to toe for a major event or fix a fashion emergency. It’s no wonder that stars flock to Rachel for expert advice.

Every one, and I mean EVERY ONE solemnly abides by this guru’s suggestions. From Nicole Richie to Eva Mendez, masses of Hollywood starlets entrust Rachel with their wardrobes. I’m not sure how much she charges per styling session, but even I (a stylist for men and women) would be interested to see what Rachel would recommend for me. I dream of the day that I might meet my icon face-to-face and experience the aura of the fashion industry’s mastermind.

Just recently, I began to follow Rachel’s website, known as the Zoe Report. It’s actually rather sad that it has taken me so long to discover this site. With a report about the seasons’ best trends and her picks for everything from shoes to dresses, the Zoe Report serves as a kind of fashion reference; a trust-worthy source for industry information. I love how you feel as if Rachel is speaking directly to you through her blog entries. Case in point:

“Hello, lover! Carrie Bradshaw’s famous shoe salutation is the only way I could think of to introduce Nicholas Kirkwood’s Red Suede Booties. One of my top picks of the season—duh—how could anyone not be open-mouthed over their every detail? Take a moment now to stop and stare…” from her ravings about Nicholas Kirkwood’s shoes on December 6th, 2010.

Her advice column allows dedicated readers to ask questions about matters from winter beauty looks to essential clutches for the holiday season. So if you can’t actually meet her majesty, you can at least receive personalized advice.

I know present to you my new monthly scoop called What Would Rachel Zoe Do? Or WWRZD. This month’s topic is Holiday Gift Ideas; Rachel’s take on fabulously stylish gifts for everyone on your list.

For your Cool Brother:


LNA Zip Up Hoodies, $30 (orig. $52) from

For your Music Diva Friend:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Headphones $68 from

For your Fashionable Friend:

Juicy Couture Faux Fur Mittens, $85 from

For your Beatles-obsessed Dad:

The Beatles Stereo Box Set, $200 from Barnes & Nobles

For your Sophisticated Mom:

TOM BINNS Crystal Earrings, $154 from

For your Movie Lovin’ Boyfriend:

Apple TV, $100 from Best Buy

I don’t see how this gifts won’t be a hit. Say your thanks to Rachel Zoe.

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