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Eraser-ing: Style meets Function

December 1, 2010

My favorite pick of the week is this adorable, silly little accessory:

Eraser-ing, available in blue (shown), pink, white, yellow, and green. $8 from

This is just darling. Fred Flare carries these rings in 5 colors. Your purchase arrives in a clear little plastic ball, reminiscent of those transparent bouncy balls you got for a quarter in arcades. Fred Flare calls these rings a ring from “outer-space,” and I wouldn’t argue against that. They certainly are far-out. Let me know if you’ve seen anything similar to these.

Use one in stats class as you erase the wrong answer on your final exams, use them while studying, use them while filling out your tax forms..wherever you wear one, I’m positive you’ll get a handful of curious stares and comments (the more stares, the better I say!).

Rock-Out. Get one for yourself and a few for your friends. Can some one say perfect Christmas stocking stuffer?

Sweet as candy. Hang these capsules on your keys with these charming engraved mini dog tags.

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