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Damn Boy, You Lookin’ Fine

November 29, 2010

Most girls like bad asses. Most girls like boys with big egos. Girls like boys who look like they don’t give a shit. Some girls like James Dean; some like George Clooney or Brad Pitt or Adrian Grenier. Some girls like boys in leather, blazers and jeans, leather dress shoes, or preppy polos. Some girls like facial hair (me), or clean shaven guys; some like extra muscle, or just slim; some like long hair, or buzzed. But one thing is true, we all notice when a fine boy passes by.

You know that magnetism, that charisma…how one smile can elicit ten million butterflies? It’s a rare kind of mojo that some men are just born with. He doesn’t have to be the most handsome man in the room or the one with the hottest bod; but when he makes a presence all eyes are on him. What’s the secret? If you ask me, I would answer:

  1. Major confidence
  2. A sense of humor
  3. Self awareness
  4. Approachability
  5. A sense of strength and determination
  6. Being a man’s man
  7. And a shameless flirt
  8. A pearly white smile

8 ingredients: 1 of which can be cosmetically formulated (veneers) and the rest of which can be worked on. I call it ladie’s man boot camp. It involves going over the fine points of (a) grooming (b) dressing (c) flirting (d) scoring.

It would take me quite a while to explain points c and d..and several hundred pages (I think that will be my next project). So I will take the time to explain points a and especially b.

We’re talking about Winter right now. So here are the essentials that you men should have in your wardrobe by now.

1. Wool Coat


Wool Pea Coat great over button down and jeans. Wool Pea Coat available in navy (shown) and black $228 at Express

2. Structured Slim Cut Shirt

Piped fitted western shirt in Russian Ruby on sale for $38.94 (orig. $64.90) at Express

A different spin on the shirt in Navy

3. Casual Blazer

Boss Orange 'Bibo' Plaid Wool Blend Blazer in Grey Black Plaid (shown) and Navy Green Plaid. $395 at Nordstrom

4. Straight Leg Jeans

AG Jeans 'Hero' Relaxed Straight Leg Jeans in Henry Wash $179 at Nordstrom

Dark Dye goes with nearly everything

5. Bomber Jacket

(Minus The) Suede Sherling Jacket in Black $198 at Express
Stud Muffin Status

You know that saying that “clothes make the man”? Well I can’t say that’s a fact, it’s semi-true. We are a superficial society so of course the first thing you notice is what some one is wearing. Then everything else follows: attitude, charm, and sex-appeal.

So boys, step it up a notch and walk the campus proudly with your heads up in style. Just wait and see how many chics you’ll get.

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  1. November 29, 2010 4:37 pm

    I really like this one phantom fashion. I try to keep all in the same field of pea-cocking as a guy and always change different styles from facial hair, attitude, and wardrobe. I like your posting references coming from a girl. However with the influence of gay culture (dont have anything against it) I feel someway about homosexuals making design and tailoring standards for the straight guy. Most of the time you will see someone who’s interested in the same sex, dress completely like a girl with tighter clothing, more vibrant colors than a buddist or hindu and try to make it a standard for a “man’s man”

    Us “real” men like to be comfortable but not too baggy, colorful but not rainbow like, and ready for any rugged situation. Because you never know when you may find yourself in an “Old Spice” or “Axe”commercial situation where you have to save a kitten from a tree- while wrestling a pack of wolves in one arm and doing lumberjack work in another, while hosting a candlite dinner for your wife, girlfriend, or soon to be lover/hookup. We have to ready for the right occassion no matter what it may be and most of the time it’s to impress a girl nevertheless. Having tighter jeans than your girlfriend is a very touchy subject in which you should avoid at all times. From the wise words of the “most interesting man in the world”…”if someone can count the change in your pocket-you should use that change to call a tailor. Look professional even in sweats, casual wear, semi-casual wear and of course formal. This goes with Urban Wear, Metro, and Semi Metro styles.

    More specifically Lil Jon and Cobra Corps (everyone’s man’s men) launched their album Heroes and Villains “We off that mixtape” touching basis on how the rivalry from hipster styles and gangster style of clothing and image style. Pretty much the album is sick and they bring up a great deal of interesting topics like tight jeans, haircuts, vibrant colors etc to baggy pants, long tees and more. Check it out here

    As for me I have hipster style, gangster, metro and cultural mixed into one so overall i’m an all around women’s man. But your man at that Phantom Fashion. But if you can turn people’s heads and get people wondering…”who is that?” then you did your job no matter what you wear…but whatever you wear make sure the sex making it knows what you like. Which reminds me, I need a wool coat for my semi formal and business wear.

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