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Drew Barrymore: Like A Fine Wine

November 27, 2010

Some things get better with age: wine, cheese, and in some cases, women.

It’s fantastic to see Drew Barrymore these days. Really, she is a sight to behold. Perfect dewy skin, wide doe eyes, perfect long blond voluminous hair, and a figure..what a figure, slim, curvy, perfect.

If you ask me, she’s looking better these days than ever. Better than she did in ET (duh), better than in Poison Ivy, better than in Never Been Kissed, better than in Charlie’s Angels…you get the point.

On the latest cover of Harper’s Bazaar, the 35 year old looks IMPECCIBLE. My first reaction was, my goodness is that Drew? I always feel happy when an actress, who I admire, looks good. Modeling a Valentino Organza dress, a beige structured Armani Prive cashmere coat and silk dress, a 70’s ish Gautier Paris hand beaded bronze butterflyesque gown, pearl encrusted, pastel Chanel creations, and a show stopping Givenchy Haute Couture dramatic lace gown that showcases Drew’s abs…I would say “Wow Drew, keep it up!”

She’s as optimistic as ever, mature, and confident. I would say she’s at the height of her beauty and womanhood.






















~~Reminiscent of Bridget Bardot. 60’s beautiful. Lovely~~

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