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The Case of Beyonce and Her Golden Tights

November 26, 2010

Celebrity Fashion: there’s always the good, the bad, and the ugly. Examples: Blake Lively–Good. Lindsay Lohan–Bad. Lady Gaga–Ugly.

Then there’s the case of the ridiculous stage costumes. In that arena, I can’t think of many “good” examples. There’s the adorable Taylor Swift, who always looks soft and innocent with her curly blond hair and long, flowy dresses. There’s the British sensation Duffy, who effortlessly pulls off that chic 60’s swooner look. Then there’s Katy Perry, my favorite California Girl, who dresses like a life-size doll.

For the “bad”, there are plenty–Lady Gaga (I think I had discussed her earlier), Mariah Carey (sometimes you HAVE to dress according to size), Cher (sometimes you have to dress according to age), Rihanna (there’s a crossing line between creative and scary), Fergie (a usual mess)…ya it’s easy to keep going.

Last night after gorging on sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin cookies (no Turkey for us Vegans..and no, especially no Tofu Turkey! Yuck), I caught the Beyonce, “World Concert” Special on ABC. It’s hard for me to say anything bad about the brilliant singer. She is just that– brilliant. Her performances are a sight to behold. Performing in front of hundreds of thousands of fans from Rio de Genero to Seoul, she shakes her booty, dances her ass off, shakes her head, pounds the floor, graces crowds with her smiles, and touches the hearts of every one with her amazing singing talents. It’s easy to see why 1 in every 10 fans breaks down in tears and 1 in 20 suffer fainting spells (not real statistics FYI).

If only she could come up with more original, more flattering stage costumes.

The diva has some smarts on her, major smarts; but why can’t she dress herself right? Watching her on stage in gold leotards and those horrible, dreadful tights that made her legs look 3 times the size that they probably are was awful. I kept thinking: “if only she stopped wearing her mother’s home-made creations!”I was in pain. As Rachel Zoe says, “I die”, except not from fashion exhalation but from aggravation.

Tell me Beyonce fans, are these good options for the mighty goddess?

black corset, black diamond embellished skirt, long black gloves…gold tights???
Gold and more Gold


Black vest, leopard, and gold

Come on B, find a new stylist. Why are you dressing your gorgeous self in clown outfits? Please don’t use Gaga as a fashion role model. I love you Beyonce. Why can’t you always look this:


Pretty Summer Silver and Black Booties

That's the Beyonce I love


Workin' the Denim Look

My favorite Look


















Words of Wisdom for the Queen B:

  • Drop the golden Tights
  • Keep the Skinny Jeggings
  • Keep your hip, trendy style
  • Keep your hair golden brown
  • Do You: Don’t do Gaga



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