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Can Gluttony Be Fashionable?

November 26, 2010

I love French Vogue. Not only does it allow me to practice my French (I’m almost fluent..I’ve been almost fluent for 3 years), but it gives me the chance to see exquisite, risque, and frequently provocative fashions. The French aren’t afraid to take risks. Compare American Vogue with French Vogue. You will rarely find a nude girl..if you do see a breast you find yourself gasping. Then there’s French Vogue where lipstick lesbians, naked chics, and scantily clad men embracing each other is the norm.

Then there is a surprising variety of body types. From the anorexic models (no surprises) to the healthy ones (Lara Stone) to the plus size girls (Crystal Renn), Paris represents them all.

Apparently, judging from their latest issue, French Vogue also accepts Gluttony.

As a vegan, who cringes every time she sees meat on the menu at restaurants (I have nothing against carnivores just wish every one would think about the animals), you can imagine my reaction when I flipped open the magazine’s October 2010 90th Anniversary edition, mind you, to this:

Did I mention I’m Vegan?
I nearly threw up in my mouth seeing this image of Crystal Renn stick an entire octopus into her mouth. Raw Calamari…yum.

Sure Crystal looks gorgeous here. Immaculate hair and makeup. Beautiful rouge sweater. Amazing rings and necklace. But really what was the art director thinking when she put this out? Did she not think about the vegetarians out there? What about PETA? What about decency?

This really crosses the line; its offensive, inhumane, beastly, and demeaning.

Did Crystal really agree to pose for this? I can’t imagine any model in her right mind agreeing to pose as a cannibalistic, rapturous, greedy gourmand. No matter how many thousands of dollars she received for this shoot..was that really worth the price of her dignity?

If that picture didn’t earn a reaction from you, maybe these will:

Lamb, cheese, spaghetti, grapes, chicken legs, sausage…it makes the emeralds, diamonds, sapphires, and pearls look invisible. Can any one really pay attention to the gems when a giant lamb shank is front and center of the camera lens?

As always, I respect the creative efforts of the team, Terry Richardson and Carine Roitfeld. The styling is great as it normally is. The photography is great. But why couldn’t the props be lost? Why not film Crystal in the middle of the desert or woods or lunching with the ladies in an extravagant boutique hotel?

Some things in fashion I cannot understand.

Would Anna Wintour ever approve of this? Well a few years ago Mario Testino composed his own version of Gluttony, but it wasn’t quite as grotesque.

Save the animals. Save Fashion. Save your reputation.

Next time Vogue Paris, consider doing a story on puppy fashion. Now that will make us Vegans very happy. πŸ™‚

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