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Hair Envy

November 22, 2010

I was not born with fantastic hair. Even my mother always complained about my fine, limp locks—so did my dad; that was why when I was three years old he took me to his barber, who cut off all my thin, long blond hair into something that resembled an unfortunate toilet bowl. Needless to say my mother nearly fainted when she cast her eyes on her little “boy”. Well, my father’s theory that chopping off all my hair would result in me growing lush, voluminous hair was totally a hoax. My hair grew back fast (thank God), but the root particles did not change one bit.

For years I have done every thing possible to attempt to fake “good hair”. I’ve changed its color God knows how many times, thinking that brighter, shinier hair would appear healthier. I would grow my hair and cut in layers and angles to fake volume; use all the shine misters, deep conditioners, color enhancing shampoos on the market…To get rid of my waves/curls (they change depending on their mood…fickle like me) I would torture my poor hair with hair straighteners, always buying the most expensive one on the market.

While all these techniques work; they only disquise me “bad” hair. They don’t actually fix its texture permanently.

So what’s a girl to do? Chop off all her tresses and say ‘adieu’ to long hair? Dye my hair a deep shade of brown (which is not so flattering for me) to make it look thicker? Continue flat-ironing and curling it?

Honestly, I’m sick of harassing my hair and spending countless hours trying to get it right. I’ve always been jealous of my girlfriends who have naturally gorgeous locks. Their hair seems to grow like magic to the small part of their backs and always appears full, bouncy, soft, and thick. Yes, green with envy..

Then the other day, walking by Newhouse, I spotted a girl with impossibly beautiful hair. For once I was stopped in my tracks not because of what she was wearing but because of her mane…her long, golden mane. I must have looked like a crazy paparazzi (not that I usually don’t πŸ˜› ) trying to snag a picture, but I just couldn’t resist.

A sight to behold

  • Long, thick locks
  • Full and bouncy
  • Shiny
  • Perfect shade of blond
  • Great curl on ends
  • Healthy look
  • Great style

I can’t say enough. Well, you know me; I couldn’t let this go without doing some investigating of how to get these covetable locks. I thought that I would research celebrity styling tips and I found a similar answer from the hair industry experts: buy a protein mask.

Which protein mask? I found my answer on the authority on hair with thousands of real customer reviews. I would say it’s a fantastic trust worthy source. The product that received the highest mark and “best of Folica award” was ApHogee Treatment for Damaged Hair. I suppose that 194 women can’t be wrong–calling this product a “miracle in a bottle” and “Hands-down, The Best Reconstructor“.

Miracle Product?

One user wrote:

“This is by far the best protein [treatment] I have ever used. With type 3b/c hair I was able to obtain incredible lengths using this product once per month for two years. I always wanted to grow my hair long but after chemically relaxing. I would notice [excessive] dryness and split ends after achieving growth of about 8 inches. I started using this product and my breakage and [splitting] got less and less until I have no more my hair is now about 20 inches and super thick…”

Wow, what a great promise…long, natural hair. What can be better?

According to other readers, this product works great on African American hair and treats chemically treated/relaxed hair after just a few uses.It’s meant to fix split ends, remair damaged hair from coloring, and cure overly dry locks.

Of course, there are precautions to take:

  1. Be prepared to cover your nose as the product smells horrible
  2. Do not comb hair immediately after use because hair will dry up after application
  3. Consider using a deep conditioner afterwards

For just $6.95 for a 4 oz bottle, I would say it’s at least worth trying out. I will buy one IMMEDIATELY. Of course, I will take before and after pictures and let you see the results. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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