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Spotted: Fashionista

November 19, 2010

Believe me I don’t love bashing on people and throwing insults all the time; it’s just my duty as your fashion investigator to show you the bad..but of course I report on the good too.

After a long week of seeing an unsightly number of fashion clueless guys and girls, I finally stumbled upon a few, actually more than a few, trendy and stylish students. (Fashion Stars of the Month coming soon!)

Here is one girl, whose style I really dig:


Finally, Something Positive!

Her cream ruffled sweater coat is a deinite DO for Fall. She hit the note just right by breaking up the cream with an olive scarf, just the right amount of color, which compliments her olive skin tone and dark hair wonderfully. Then there are her boots. I’ve been craving a pair just like those all season. Knee-high leather flat boots make a statement; it’s hard not to notice them. Not only do they keep your legs (and knees) warm, they are also easy to wear. It’s a no brainer to wear jeggings under them or thick leggings (Yes, I know I refer to those two bottoms all the time, but they really are essential items, which will most likely keep returing to the fashion pages season after season).

She looks stylish, cozy, warm, and very well put together. Two Thumbs Up Girl!

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