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Pop’n up at Cuse: Susana Monaco

November 18, 2010

My oh my has this been a fantastic weekend for us fashionistas at SU. First LF makes a visit and this past Tuesday, Susana Monaco’s team graced us with their presence. The place was the Sheraton on University Ave and the scene was a neat, colorful, and beautiful arrangement of Monaco’s latest collection.

I had heard of Susana Monaco on several occasions as her designs are exclusively sold at Bloomingdale’s, Shopbop, and Revolve Clothing, and Polyvore (check it out, if you don’t yet know about it). But, I never really had the chance to actually try on her clothes or get a good feel for them.

Well, I liked what I saw at the pop-up sale in Schine. I really liked what I saw. From basic ruched tank tops to form fitting dresses to wool ponchos, all in this season’s hottest colors: gray, black, cream, chocolate, maroon, violet, navy, and jade, I wanted nearly everything on display. This was an official sale; there were multiple sizes of each item, at least 4 pieces of every design. So every girl would be able to get her hands on some thing she liked.

The beauty of Monaco’s designs is that they are all very wearable, great for layering, and are made from top quality fabrics. I love the structural, minimalist look. I also love how she uses a bit of Lycra in the tops and dresses to give them extra stretch. The designer really knows how to flatter a woman’s shape and she really knows how to create impeccably structured apparel. There were far too many items that I wanted to buy; I only wish I had the budget to purchase the entire collection. However, compared to other high-end designers of the same caliber, the clothing was reasonably priced. Her dresses averaged at about $150 and tops ranged from $40 to $120.

Monaco knows sophistication, elegance, and femininity. Monaco also knows sexy. Her Fall line includes many backless and racerback tops. Many men, in particular, find a woman’s back to be a sexy body part. The back leaves the last impression of a woman; a bare back is seductive, but not too revealing. Not too safe, not too daring, just right. These two dresses will do the trick to seduce any man.











Now presenting some basic pieces, with those extra details that turn something simple into something spectacular:

A gray, boatneck, 3/4 sleeve blouse with that extra special element of pleating in front.

A casual gray v-neck T. Tie it in the front or in the back to change its shape.

Perfect gray top to go from day to night. Detailing of the ruching and pleating allows for a tight fit that cinches everything in.

Cute with jeggings and heals or leggings and knee-high boots. Great jersey/cotton fabric in a beautiful plum color.


























The company rep at the trunk show was especially enthusiastic about the line and was more than happy modeling some of her favorite items. I asked her to try on a charcoal wool/angora cape that can be worn a multitude of ways. She demonstrated how to wear it under a coat as an extra layer, as a stand-out butterfly-esque sweater, or as a vest:











I was very eager to do some more research about Susana Monaco, which led me to her site, which is inspiring, creative, and fused with whimsy and imagination. There’s nothing I love more than a designer, who takes risks. These boar headbands are definitely anything but safe.

I leave you with an image of the oh so stylish, energetic, and charismatic host of the trunk show.

Many thanks,

Phantom Fashion

~Peace, Love, & Glamour~

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