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Jean Shorts, Red Tights, and Leather, OH NO

November 14, 2010

This was a sight to behold: A student walking around campus in bright red (unflattering) tights, underneath jean cutoff shorts (frayed may I add), a leather jacket, some Doc Marten looking boots, and black socks. The one good thing about this mess was that her matching was on key. She did match her red hoodie to her obnoxiously loud tights. And the overall black/red/denim combination isn’t so bad…


But my oh my what made her put on shorts in November? And with tights? I’ve always hated the look of skirts over leggings, but I think this one is worse. I hate repeating myself but certain items should simply be disposed of in the Fall–especially shorts. It’s like justifying wearing skeevy short shorts as long as you aren’t displaying bare legs.

In short, she looks goofy, confused, out of season, out of date, and most certainly OUT OF STYLE.

Her acquaintance isn’t any better. Outfitted in a purple T, jeans, and those dreadful Adidas sandals (I thought those were only worn by boys after soccer practice??), it’s hard to tell her gender. Is that a little pink bow in her hair? Ah, ok well that clarifies it: it is a girl after all.

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