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Embellish You Hair for Under $4

November 14, 2010

When I’m having a bad day any purchase, no matter how small, will lift up my mood at least 30 percent. So with $10 in my pocket, I was determined to treat myself to something, anything just to cheer myself up. Of course such a mission is nearly impossible when my taste calls for $4,000 Chanel handbags and $1,000 Cole Hahn Boots. But geared with my Alexander Hamilton in hand, I explored the Carousel Mall in high spirits.

I really only had about 4 options for goodies: H&M, Aldo (for accessories), Claire’s (so elementary school), and Forever 21.

Usually, I refer to Forever 21 as the cheapies Warehouse. Sure, you can find most of the trendy items here for pennies (leggings for $3???), but at the same time you have a lot to risk. Most of my cheap tanks from Forever 21 have ripped in less than a week, my pants have lost their buttons, my hoodies had broken their zippers…that is why I avoided this teenage girls’ mecca once I turned 19 years old and came to my senses.

Yet, there is ALWAYS an exception to every rule. When it comes to accessories, especially tiny baubles, there is never any harm in spending as little as possible for something that you can easily replace. This is my take on hair accessories in particular; I cannot tell you how many bobby pins I lose each month. it’s not worth it for me to purchase high quality, every-day hair accessories when I am the Queen of Misplacing.

I entered into Forever 21 closing my eyes to the messy shelves of t-shirts, boxes that looked like hampers filled with sales items, and racks where more clothes seemed to be lying on the floor rather than hanging on hangers. Heading straight to the back, I found my treasure box. A vanity with an assortment of earrings, rings, headbands, and hair accessories. Thinking about it, I did need more hair clips to hold my growing bangs back. I’ve always believed that clips, ties, bows, and headbands are an easy way to change up a hairstyle…and I always get sick of my hair after a month of wearing my hair the same way (which in most cases means emphasizing a side part to the right and putting a few waves in my hair).

I was very excited when I found these little treasures–all for under $4 🙂

Lace & Rhinestones Hair Bows available in Black, Taupe (shown), and Dusty Pink $2.50 at Forever 21

Floral Hair Pins w/ Faux Pearl and Stone available in Cream (shown), Black, and Grey $2.50 at Forever 21

Glam Satin Hair Pin available in Cream, Black, and Taupe (shown) $3.80 at Forever 21

Metallic Bow Hair Clip available in Black, Cream, and Gray (shown) $2.50 at Forever 21






















I didn’t have enough time to try on all the gems as I was on a 5 minute time limit. I settled on a darling pair of chiffon bows in cream, which looked as natural as can be in my light hair. Costing only $1.50 for a pair; I simply couldn’t pass them down.


An easy hair spruce up: Chiffon Bow Bobby Pins available in Antique Gold, Black, Taupe, Grey $1.50 at Forever 21

I forgot what I did with the remaining $8.50. I think I spend $3.50 on a short latte from Starbucks and the rest on a few packs of gum. Next time I have some extra money in my checking account, I’ll give myself permission to treat myself to some thing a bit more luxe!

Hopefully these bobby pins will last me a while, because I plan on wearing them often; after all they compliment my romantic look, which I sport most days. But then again for $1.50 I don’t think I would cry if one happens to break.

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