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Risking Frost Bite for “Fashion”?

November 12, 2010

Autumn–it’s a time of pumpkin pie, falling leaves, cozy sweaters, wool coats, boots, and opaque tights….

Apparently, some people think Autumn calls for short skirts too:

It’s a funny contrast between the frozen girl on the left and the more sensible, bundled up girl on the right. One thing is definitely not like the other. I wanted to tell this poor girl on the left to put some pants on or at least some tights under her outdated striped mini. Is the mini a good option for Spring/Summer? Of course; stripes were totally in vogue this past season–it’s still a nice, classic print; though I prefer it for warm weather months I suppose it’s ok for Fall too.

But for now, she should really bury this item in the back of her closet. What confused me the most was the pairing of her skirt with winter boots, a coat, and even a scarf. I guess she finds the need to keep her upper body and feet warm but neglects those legs.

Please darling, be a little smarter. I’m sure you’re mother would tell you the same thing.

~peace, love, and glamour~

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