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JERK Magazine Creates a Fashion Conundrum

November 12, 2010

When I first opened up November’s issue of JERK Magazine, Syracuse’s most provocative, border pushing publication, I immediately flipped to the Fashion section, excited to get the first peek of the fashion editorial. Upon first glance I was entirely confused. I thought I had picked up an issue from August. The title of the campaign is “Pool of Color,” so I automatically assumed that JERK had lost it’s mind. Was the editorial crew featuring highlights for resort season?

I hate to admit when I’m wrong; and I totally got it wrong. The caption on page 37 writes, “Who says evening wear has to be bows-and-frills? Drench yourself in bold, jewel-toned hues for the next holiday soiree, and you’ll be the last to feel like a fish out of water.” A fairly original tactic considering most other magazines are using cold brick, farm meadows, and forests as their backdrops.I suppose that Lauren Tousignant’s, the stylist, vision was approaching winter evening wear from a different perspective: in an empty pool.

Tanning in the Fall---right

Screams Summer

Like a Widowed Fish

Yay for going Barefoot in Fall

I’ve flipped through the magazine over and over many times to fully understand this piece. Although the fashion team tried to conjure up something original, I still don’t feel the essence of this present season. While the crew wanted to showcase jewel tones, like plum and red, they also threw in some yellow. Mustard and Gold are great shade this season, but bright canary yellow just doesn’t make it on my list of colors for November or December.

Then there are other mistakes that I can point out:

  1. Is a belly revealing dress really appropriate for a winter soiree? This violet dress by seems entirely wrong. Not to mention the outdated and far overplayed one shoulder, Grecian style, which I have seen over and over and over again this past summer.
  2. Why is the model, He Lin, on page 41. appear to be caught in a fishing net? The photographers were trying to focus on the fabric by Feminine Touch, but they did not present it in a flattering way. Not only does the image lack any highlights or shadows resulting in a flat, one dimensional view, it is also unclear what kind of material this fabric really is. Is it silk? Is it chiffon? Who knows; I just know that I won’t be wearing it.
  3. Aqua eye shadow with a pink lip on model Eliana, on page 40. Again, it’s old and outdated.
  4. Bare feet? Shoes are a major part of the whole outfit; why oh why would the stylist omit these? Perhaps they couldn’t afford it in their budget or find any stores to lend them shoes?
  5. Bronzed skin and sunbathing? Come on, show the beauty of ivory skin for fall. Tans fade in the Fall, bronzer is out, and pink blushes + apricot colors make their debut. During 30 degree temperature kind of days, would you find yourself sitting outside and sunbathing, shoeless, and bare-skinned?

I appreciate the creativity of the editors. They certainly did take a risk and went an entirely different direction with their photoshoot. But they didn’t succeed in making me look forward to the colder season. No, they simply made me nostalgic for Summer.

In watching the behind-the-scenes footage for the shoot on their website, I couldn’t help but laugh when the Syracuse police arrived at the scene in Thordon Park, to chase out the team for trespassing.

Now that I think about it, this wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Perhaps they should have taken the word from the cops and evacuated, taking their to a better, ore appropriate location.

My final word is that I like JERK Magazine, I respect their writing, their reach for edgy news, and their nonconformist take on things. But in terms of fashion, they can use a bit of help in the art direction/styling department..and oh ya they should definitely hire a new location scout!

View behind the scenes footage and comment/email me your thoughts.

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  1. Jerk-ista permalink
    November 12, 2010 5:55 pm

    Everything. agreed x 1000010. I like most of the magazine’s content and they can be really spot on for some things but this editorial was a fail.

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