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Dark Chocolate Musk

November 12, 2010

What is sexy and seductive, magnetic, and leaves a lasting impression? No, not you; it’s Ralph Lauren’s most current fragrance from his Big Pony Collection. In particular, the scent that I described is #2, which is infused with the notes of dark chocolate and musk–a rather “bold combination for the ladies’ man who can’t help if he attracts a crowd” (

Surprisingly I find it easier to choose a fragrance for some one else than I do for myself. When shopping for myself I tend to be extremely indecisive and hop from one perfume to another, only to revert back to the first one..then change my mind again..and then leave bag-less, promising myself that next time I will make up my mind. When shopping for the men in my life, it’s not as difficult of a process. I simple sniff my top 10 choices and swiftly push away the scents that don’t appeal to me. With the remaining contestants, I close my eyes and think to myself, “Is this a fragrance that I could smell all day and all night without getting sick of it?” Then with the final contenders, I ask “Would I be more attracted to my boyfriend if he wore this?” At this point, I most likely have made up mind.

I made up my mind last week at Sephora in a record scent-sampling session of 5 minutes. Once I spritzed Big Pony #2 in the simple, modern bottle filled with the potent red liquid, I knew at once that I wanted my boyfriend to smell just like that–dark chocolate musk. Now I know what I’ll be getting him for the Holidays.

2.5 oz Eau de Toilette Spray $50 at Sephora (4.2 oz also available for $65)

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  1. Diamond permalink
    November 15, 2010 1:00 am

    I will try this

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