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The Most Unflattering Bottom: White Leggings

November 9, 2010

You know how white jeans are seldom worn by many women, unless they are made from a thick denim? White jeans can sometimes be flattering, depending on the fit and fabric. It’s totally understandable why we are cautious about this choice in pants. Obviously dark bottoms are far more flattering–black slenderizes, white widens…it’s an age old adage.

Then there’s the saying about “no white after Labor Day”–while this is not something I always stand by; it does make sense to me. White pants certainly stand out in the colder months and I always feel like they are out of place. I guess I’m sort of traditional when it comes to clothing choices: certain things that I heard from my grandmother still apply to my personal wardrobe. I still dislike mixing brown shoes with black pants or brown shoes with black belts (guys, take note). And as mentioned before, I don’t love sneakers…only now am I warming up to them.

So when I saw a girl wearing white leggings earlier today, I couldn’t help but squeal (to myself of course). Though the idea of her outfit–leggings, flats, and a long cardigan made sense and her overall look was cute and feminine, those white leggings just killed everything.

No matter how pretty, how fit, or how stylish some one may be; white leggings are still the most unflattering choice in clothing that I can think of. Why would one want to draw extra attention to their bottom? Leggings already define the contour of one’s legs. In black/gray/brown/navy or even dark violet or jade, leggings are a fantastic basic item to own. Personally, I make sure to cover my hiney when wearing them: the whole world doesn’t need to see my wedgie! A long tunic/cardigan/sweater paired with dark leggings is an easy look. But white spandex is just something that I would never EVER own.

Please, please, please do yourself a favor and avoid this fashion offense at all costs. That’s my final world.

~peace, love, and glamour~

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