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Converse Convert

November 9, 2010

I was never a sneaker girl; just the mention of the word “sneaker” would make me snare. Blame it on my anti-American mother, who told me that sneakers were for boys only (she also never allowed me to watch football or basketball either..and you wonder why I’m so girly!) and customized my wardrobe based on her own fashion sense. Just as I would refuse to wear plain-Jane flip-flops, with the exception of beach days or showering in my dorm, I would also refuse to wear sports shoes, unless I was hitting the tennis courts.

But my misconception of “sneakers” ceased last year when I inherited a brand new pair of Ed Hardy leather sneakers from my former Employer. Wearing these shoes with a pair of jeggings and an oversized T (it was summer) made me laugh at myself upon first glance. The girl in front of the mirror certainly didn’t resemble Irina. I looked like some edgier, rocker/grunge chic. “What will my friends think?!” I thought.

At first, I was a bit timid to step out in my new sneaks; but after receiving a handful of compliments relating to my outfit, I embraced my “alter-ego”.

It’s taken me a while to finally accept sneakers as a fashionable shoe, rather than a “sports-only” necessity. I suppose it’s simply difficult to discard biases passed down by parents. So now, looking at Converse shoes, which seem to be all the rage at SU, I am having a change of heart. Though at first I was confused by the trend and shocked at how many girls proudly wore them, I am actually starting to like them..

But as always, in the Phantom Fashion type of style, I am starting to get tired of the typical canvas converse and leggings look:

How many times have you seen a version of this before?

Perhaps my exhaustion of the trend is due to seeing too many versions of the same type of Converse shoe: The Chuck Taylor All-Star in a low-back or Hi-Top style.

Chuck Taylor All-Star Specialty Sneaker in Gothic Grape

Same shoe as a High Top











Something about the solid color body/white lace combination has always bothered me. It gives the shoes a “cartoon-like” feel. And the high white platform—I just don’t dig that at all.

When I clicked on the Converse website, however, a whole new realm of shoes appeared before me. I had no idea that Converse now had leather or suede options; or that the company offers Ankle boots…

Converse All Star Ankle Boot on Sale for $55.80 (Org. $62) at

Converse All Star Light Multi Strap $82 at A pleasant change from the ordinary canvas shoe.










These booties are rather versatile, stylish, and appear to be comfortable since it’s a mix between a sneaker and a boot. They would make a choice for our lovely (*cough, cough*) Syracuse weather, and go well over slim fit jeans.

I was also introduced to the Converse creation Lab, where I was able to design my own shoe. You are allowed to customize every detail of your shoe from the tongue color/pattern, to the outer side/inner side, stitching, and personal stamp. I wasn’t too thrilled with the color pallet; most of them seemed too obnoxiously bright for this time of year (refer to “No No to Neons”), while some of the patterns would only be cute if I was in elementary school (lady bugs and cupcakes on shoes? not unless I’m Strawberry Shortcake). I managed to create a shoe that appealed to my high fashion essence; something that was funky, yet not too loud; trendy, but not too over-the-top:

"Plum Cake"

What you can’t see is the inner side, which is maroon, or the royal purple heal stripe. You also can’t see the little, cursive embroidered “Tali” that’s stamped on the leather heal stripe. I picked this shoe model known as the “All Star Light High Canvas” because it doesn’t have that high white platform soul that I really rather do not like (detest would be too strong of a word). I also think that it’s the perfect height and the purple/maroon color would go great with my fall wardrobe of blacks/grays/reds/purples/and navy’s.

Customizable Converse–there’s a solution to my Converse conundrum. Now I am pretty certain that I won’t have any kind of love affair with Converse, it’s still not exactly my type of shoe, but I’m willing to give it a try. I may even spend $60 to purchase my “Plum Cake.”

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  1. November 9, 2010 4:29 pm

    I’m the same way!! I rarely wear sneaks, but I like the other options you posted.

    Californians always look at me funny when I say “Sneakers” (born & raised in CT)… out here it’s “Tennis shoes” haha

  2. November 10, 2010 3:33 pm

    I like those new converses, nice that they are trying something new instead of chuck T’s

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