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Whimsy, Imagination, and Beauty = Tarina Tarantino

November 8, 2010

The first time I “met” Tarina Tarantino was in my favorite part of NYC, the lovely SOHO. I was in SOHO for my first time and browsed the little streets for hours, stumbling into everything from SCOOP to Vivianne Tam. I didn’t exactly have an itinerary and wandered wherever the wind blew. With sheer luck I found the little glass door of the Tarina Tarantino boutique on 117 Greene Street. Walking inside the jewelery store was like stepping into a little girl’s playhouse. I was in a land of whimsy, where everything brought me back to my childhood. A girl’s fantasy land with the inclusion of sparkling crystals and jewels in shades of violet, pink, and amber.

Now I am thrilled that this enchanted jewelery designer has crossed into the world of cosmetics. Her launch at Sephora this past February was met with much anticipation and as far as I know, her exclusive line continues to dazzle customers.

Tarantino’s makeup collection is a perfect representation of the spunky designer’s personality and aesthetic. Her love of sparkle and vivid colors is visible in her products, which include Dollskin Powder, Luminizer, Lipgloss rings, Starchild Odyssey Eye Creams, and Eye Dream Eyeliner (among dozens more). During my last visit to Sephora, where I spent nearly 2 hours test-driving all kinds of lipglosses, eyeshadows, and perfumes (don’t you just love being covered head to toe in 12 different fragrances?), I acquainted myself with Tarantino’s vanity:


Eyeshadows, Lipglosses, and Cheek Powders to suit your fancy

The object of my desire was the “Sparklicity Gold Shimmer Dust”– a shimmer spray that defuses from a vintage perfume-like bottle and settles onto your skin like a light sprinkle of powder. Attracted by the bright gold color and name (there’s something about shimmer dust that just reminds me of Tinkerbell), I sprayed some of the sparkle onto my arms and decolletage. The result was better than what I expected. While the shimmer color was bold, my skin felt baby soft and smooth. A light scent lingered through out the day and my skin kept sparkling until bedtime. Voyez-ici:


Sparklicity Gold Shimmer Dust $39 at Sephora: A perfect Holiday Gift for your best friend, or yourself

It’s not much of a surprise that Tarantino ventured into the realm of beauty since she has an obsession with dolls herself. With bright pink hair, perfect skin, and sparkly eyes, she looks like an adult doll…so much so that the creatives at Mattel allowed her to design her very own Barbie Doll! Of course Tarantino didn’t take the task lightly, making sure that her doll was fully accessorized in tiny replicas of her own jewelery, that her hair was the very exact tint as her own fuchsia locks, and that her box looked just like her flagship store in LA.

Tarina Barbie Doll

I’m sure that Tarantino will do no shame to the reputation of Barbie, since this iconic symbol of girlishness and fashion is an inspiration in the jewelery maker’s designs.  Take a look at her baubles and you will see:

Barbie Three-Row Stretch Bracelet Org. $170 Sale. $50.

Small Crustal Barbie Medalion Orig. $95 Sale. $65

Supersized Babie Mod Ring Org. $63.00 Sale $45.00


Crystal Framed Barbie Cameo Earrings Orig. $100 Sale $50











At times, I wish that I was five years old again: I miss the carelessness of being young; permission to be free-spirited; encouragement to dream. I miss playing “house” and “fairies” and most of all I miss my Barbie dolls! But thanks to Tarina Tarantino, I no longer have to look back at my youth with nostalgia. She reminds all of girls that youth is a state of mind. However old we are, whether is be 18 or 42, we are never too old to be girly, never too old to wear pink, and most certainly, never too old to play with dolls!

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