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No No to Neons

November 7, 2010

I loved Neons for this past summer. It was a great trend; a great mood lifter; and it just screamed tropical weather, fun in the sun, and a worry free kind of vibe.

Well, now its Fall–the temperatures are dropping and the colors are changing all around us. It might be a common theme repeated year after year that designer’s change their color pallets into autumn shades of reds, oranges, and browns…this year the prevalent colors are gray, cream, navy, and red.

So why, oh why did I see this sight two days ago?

It seems to me like this poor girl forgot that it is November. She must still be stuck in August. But then again, she has some things right: Her leather jacket and skinny jeans are certainly on point. She’s got cool shades and her hair style is far different than anything I’ve seen; I actually think it suits her. So if I was color blind, I would probably give her a C on her fashion grade report.

Luckily I was blessed with good vision (actually I am a bit nearsighted) and my color differentiation skills are top notch; so I was definitely blinded by this vision in front of me. Asides from the fact that she is wearing too many colors: bright blue, kelly green, pink, and turquoise (her fanciful laces), the hue is totally wrong for this time of year. In a way, this is a positive thing; it makes me believe that it is summer again..until the chilly wind blows in my face. Then again it gives me false hope.

The best thing about the change of seasons for me is the change in clothing styles; in particular the change of colors. I really like grey and cream for Fall, it’s a pleasant change from the usual browns and oranges.I would think that most people would be excited to bust out the new fashions and give their wardrobe a makeover.

Clearly, Ms. Neon doesn’t care too much about the time of year. I think some one should buy her a calender.


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