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Fortunate Find of the Week

November 6, 2010

Finding some thing wonderful in an expected place is like finding a $20 bill on the street (minus the guilt). That was the scenario two days ago on an accidental trip to Macy’s at the Carousel Mall. I’m usually not a huge fan of department stores. They feel too large, too impersonal, and unfriendly too me. I prefer small, privately owned boutiques, where you know the owners really take time to select individual products and brands. But I suppose there are certain times of the year when a department store is blessing. You can do one stop shopping all in a day for the holidays (if you don’t mind getting a million blisters on your poor feet)– perfume for your mother, a watch for your boyfriend, boots for your best friend….Obviously its an easy alternative to hitting up 10 smaller stores (minimum) for gift shopping.

So as I said before, I don’t love the corporate feel of department stores, and I do prefer the more high-end Bloomingdales/Neiman Marcus and especially Nordstorm (hello shoes!!) over Macy’s, a more generic option. For this reason, I was rather shocked when I came across this in the coat section:

It’s no surprise that this coat is by Calvin Klein. I usually have good luck with Calvin Klein when it comes to coats. In fact the coat that I currently have for the Fall is a  black pea-coat, which cinches at the waste with a metal belt and widens at the bottom in a “tail-like” fashion. I can’t keep track of how many compliments I have received when I wear it.

The above coat is my pick for the Fall. Why?

  • perfect gray color; ideal for this season
  • This can be worn 3 different ways; kept open, closed with a tie inside, or closed with a button. Each way gives it an entirely different look.
  • Easy to put on; don’t have to mess with zippers or complicated buttons.
  • Has a fantastic vintage/50’s look.
  • Totally original; I doubt any one will have anything like it, especially on the Syracuse campus.

At the Macy’s store at the Carousel Mall, this coat came with a price tag of $340, pricey but I would say worth it. Well, I did an exhaustive search on the website and found the very same coat on SALE for just $119.99. Wow. Unreal!

Calvin Klein Coat, Single Button Long Sleeves Reg. $340.00. On sale for $119.99

So now, I know where to purchase this great coat. I suggest you get on board if you’re feeling it too, because I doubt it will be available for long.


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