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Up-dos with Pizazz

November 3, 2010

What could be a better solution to a bad hair day than a ponytail? How about an inventive up-do that isn’t so mundane. I’ve never been a fan of simple pony-tails or messy, tossed up buns that look like some one was lazy in the morning, or just showered seconds before class. Yes, we all do this from time to time, but you could still style your hair in a pretty way even if you are in a bit of a time crunch.

Since I am a trend observer, I pay attention to one’s full look, top to bottom. That means hair too. For the most part, I don’t spot too many interesting hair styles on campus. The typical look is straightened hair, parted in the middle or a messy bun or simple pony-tail. here and there I’ll see some one with pretty curls, a cute headband, or blunt bangs (a hot look this season). At other times I see some one who is in need of a hair makeover.

This weekend, during the same concert at Bull and Bear where I spotted the sparkly beret (a hair-do YES), I also spotted a girl who needed a little hair help. For the most part, I liked her up-do; it was better than the mediocre hair style. But several things bothered me.

Almost perfect but not quite

I’ll start off with what I like:

  • The pony tail is smooth, the girl’s hair is shiny
  • She has created a half up/pony-tail mix. She made a small bump-it in the front.
  • She left some wispy bangs out in the front
  • Her pony-tail is bouncy

Overall, it’s a good look. But it could have been much better with only 2 adjustments: 1) Either using a different hair tie (I hate that generic hair band that you can purchase at CVS) or covering up the tie by taking a small piece of hair from her ponytail, wrapping it around the tie and securing it under the pony-tail with a bobby pin or two. 2) Loosing the awful clear hair clip, which brings back memories from the 90’s.

In terms of hair accessories, I think that the following would be suitable for jazzing up her look:

Tri-Petal Bobbie Pins $12 for three from Anthropologie. These pins made out of brass for a vintage look and chiffon-like flowers come in cream, dark yellow (shown), and lavender. With two of these, one could hold back the bump.

Fret Barette $18 from Anthropologie. This would make her pony tail looser and give her overall hair a more romantic look. I would do the brown barette for her but pink (good for dark hair) is also available.

Tartan Topped Elastic $15 from Anthropologie. This elastic is much better. Follow the plaid trend for Fall and add an extra touch of pizazz to your already stylish hairdo. The bow is so darling.

Finally, I present to you other inventive ways of styling your hair this season. These have all been extracted from Allure, a premier source for makeup/hair tips.

Soft, feminine, perfect for a dinner date

Add some edge; party anyone?












Total Glam. Impressive your friends and your man with this flirty look.

Simple, clean, and tres chic












Now why would you ever go back to your old “Plain Jane” pony-tail when you could look like a glamazon?

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