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Red Hot Alert: Joan Holloway

November 1, 2010

“Hey, what are you supposed to be?” was a phrase that I uttered constantly throughout this Halloween weekend (and frequently heard from others). At times these words seemed understandable when some one showed up with a randomly painted face, fanciful dress, or a bizarre mask that didn’t exactly resemble anything (at least that I knew of). Perhaps one of the most inventive costumes that I saw this weekend was some one who was “leaving”. That costume was most definitely the least expensive get-up one could possibly get; it consisted of an orange hoody with leaves glued onto the back. The model of this creative design then threw leaves into the air to give to party members every time he walked through the door (come on, you have to admit that’s clever).

But shamefully, I couldn’t recognize one of the most obvious costumes that I had seen at a party on Saturday night. See below:

Take a Guess who this Sassy Redhead Is

The short red wig with a side bang, bright red lip, yellow vintage sweater coat, high waisted pencil skirt, deep V neck blouse, small pocket book, iconic gold pendant necklace, and most importantly…long cigarette….

All of the signs were there, but for some reason it took a shove from my friend to identify her. “OMG, it’s Joan!”

“Joan?” I said.

“Yes Joan! You know…from Mad Men?”

Ahhh. Now it made sense to me. While I have sadly never seen this hit show, though I don’t know why, I can recognize the show’s principle characters. And of course out of all the personages in the AMC show, there’s no one that receives more attention than Joan Holloway, played by the beautiful Christina Hendricks. So now that the puzzle had been solved, I decided to compare the Halloween caricature with the real thing:

The Office Manager/ Bombshell

I give the imitator major points for hitting the nail on the spot with her homage to the 60’s. She was on point with the retro clothes and her attitude. Sure there were some glitches…an overly red wig without enough “poof” and clear nails instead of red; she did Joan justice in her representation.

Obviously no one can match Christina Hendricks in terms of looks. Her mesmerizing face which is a mixture of angelic and sensual paired with an impossibly curvy figure that makes most men drool over is something that photographers would probably fight each other for to capture. It’s no wonder that Maxim magazine applauds her and women voted her as the #1 most beautiful woman according to Esquire.

I admire her for her self confidence but at the same time I feel that her theatrical talents are overshadowed by that “bangin’ body”. It’s difficult to mention Christina Hendricks without an ode to her pin-up girl look. I must say that I know what’s it’s like at times to have a figure speak more than your personality. I’ve always had mixed feelings about my own assets, which I try to cover as best as I can because I don’t like them to steal the show. In my battle over embracing my womanhood and proudly showing what I got or drawing attention away from my body, I usually hear negativity from friends every time I announce that I want to go under the knife for a reduction!

Every time that I look at Hendricks my insecurities do go away; so I thank you Joan Holloway and I thank you Mad Men for giving the thumbs up for curves!

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