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Desigual: From Spain With Love

October 31, 2010

There is much to say about Desigual, a unique brand that embraces the philosophy of producing, “fresh quality clothes at happy-go-lucky prices.” The company that claims to dress people and not their bodies (, originated in 1984 when its founder, Thomas Meyer (from Switzerland) wanted to offer clothes that were original, fun, inspirational, and affordable. To prove this point, the first item that Meyer created was a jean jacket constructed from patches of worn-down old jeans. (company profile)

This idea of deconstruction is a preliminary component of the brand’s offerings. From coats made of 3 different materials to dresses that look like wild patchwork quilts, fun is definitely seen in all of Desigual’s designs.

Even though each garment of clothing is impressively unique, through the seasons the different collections still flow together either by a consistent color theme, similar fabrics, or the same kind of inspiration. This collection for the Fall/Winter collection (seen above) is actually rather conservative compared to past seasons’ designs. My favorite piece of this grouping is the patch-worked coat, which looks part bohemian and part Icelandic princess.

Asides from a fun and free spirited line of clothing, Desigual also produces amazing advertisements that present the brand impeccably with simple, yet extremely expressive ads. The idea of capturing bodies in motion on a textured surface (water for spring, sand for summer, or snow for winter) with an over-sized logo on top is an easily recognizable theme that can be spotted with the snap of a finger in any publication. This is a fantastic model for advertisers

Women, Men, Children…this line caters to every one from your best friend to your boyfriend or to your younger siblings. Thankfully the brand has traveled all over the world and expanded from its original Lisbon location to over 50 countries. Whether you are in Aruba on Spring Break or taking a vacation in Belgium you can find a Desigual store, which is a destination in itself. When you step into a Desigual retailer you are automatically transported into a world where your imagination can run wild:

Store Front in Madrid
Store Front in London
Inside the Dubai Mall

While Desigual is primarily located in high traffic metropolises, we can get our own Desigual fix right here on campus (that’s right on Campus!) thanks to J. Michael. I suppose this shouldn’t be much of a surprise since J. Michael’s always has its hands on the trendiest items and most modern brands. Currently, the store offers T’s, hoodies, dress shirts, and outerwear, which I especially like for the guys.

Display at J Michael

Shirt Selection at J. Michael












































Of course the styles aren’t for every one. One has to have a bit of bravado to wear one of the loud screen shirts. But on the other hand, isn’t there that belief that clothes can either express who you are or who you want to be? So for those quiet guys, a Desigual shirt may be the perfect thing to let them get a little less uptight and less inhibited.

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  1. Diamond permalink
    November 1, 2010 1:35 am

    whoa that mens coat is the shit glad you spotted this I’m googling it now for that coat!

  2. Amber permalink
    November 7, 2010 3:28 pm

    I found a couple stellar items that I am dying to add to my wardrobe, but it doesn’t seem like there is a way to order online – am I missing something? What a find!

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