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How Many Lady Gagas Will There Be This Halloween?

October 28, 2010

The number one most popular costume this Halloween is the one, the only, the provactive, the crazy, the defiant…Lady Gaga. Is this much of a surprise? Her wild look in all shapes in forms and constantly changing persona makes great costume material. From her various wigs, to her original makeup, and of course her leotards and body suits define originality. But if you ask me, if I see one more Lady Gaga costume being sold, I think I’ll throw up. EVERYONE seems to be immitating this rock star chic this Halloween. I am fully prepared to see a mass of girls in blonde wigs and barely there outfits in every frat on campus.

Lady Gaga is so popular this year that she has even approved Halloween costumes; I guess that she doesn’t mind thousands of clones running around. She probably enjoys it in fact. Why else would she include a special costume store on her site?

I used to have respect for Gaga; when she first came out I was enchanted by her catchy lyrics, loud persona, and unique fashion. But now, she seems to pushing the envelope too far. She has built her own brand (rather her PR people have) and now she is exploiting the s*** out of it, making millions on top of millions. How many sell-outs can there possibly be in the entertainment business? Where is the true talent? What happened to those musicians who made music for the sake of music? Sure, those Indie Bands do exist…but even when they blow up, they stray from their modest roots. Remember when John Mayer was just a soft-spoken acoustic guitar player, before he became an arrogant, bashing, asshole?

So girls, if you plan on being Lady Gaga for Halloween (which I don’t suggest if you want to stand out), avoid the following official, Lady Gaga approved costumes. You will only be contributing to her piggy bank.

Poker Face Video Swimsuit

American Flag Costume

Star Dress

Silver Sequin Dress

2009 VMA Performance Costume

As if this isn’t enough, her store also offers wigs, sunglasses, rings, and gloves to complete her look. In other words, to look precisely like the pop star, one must spend close to $100. Let’s think about this…spending $100 for one (or two) nights of partying? I bet that next year everyone will be copying Katie Perry’s look, meaning that Lady Gaga costumes will be tossed into the garbage can.

BUT, if you absolutely insist on playing her for Halloween, at least make your own costume; which will save you from overspending and conforming. Consider imitating her perverse meat dress or one of her various outfits from the Paparazzi video (especially the crazy black doll-like lips and Minnie Mouse-esque sunglasses/ears (I’m not exactly sure how or why she came up with that; though that’s the case with all of her outfits). Perhaps her interesting Hair Bow made from her hair, or rather her wig, would be a cool idea too.

Even these ideas, however, have probably already been considered by most of her fans.

My final words are: TRY TO BE CREATIVE. TRY NOT TO BE CLICHE. and lastly TRY TO SPEND AS LITTLE MONEY AS POSSIBLE. (save that $100 for a pair of shoes)

C’est tout.

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  1. October 29, 2010 10:05 pm

    Did you see The Office last night? Gabe dressed up like Lady Gaga, it was so funny! Good call, I’m sure there will be a major amount of Gagas out this weekend. Have fun!

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