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Mens’ Haircuts-from a women’s perspective

October 26, 2010

Has your boyfriend ever asked you, “Babe, how’s my hair” or has your guy friend ever cut his hair in a way that was less than flattering? Sometimes we can exert influence on our male counterparts and sometimes our feedback doesn’t matter. The key is to approach your man carefully, delicately, and cautiously (afterall, men are just as sensitive as we are…and probably more stubborn). Perhaps you want to mention a celebrity whose look you find hot, or leave an issue of GQ or Men’s Health out on the table, slyly opened to the grooming section.

This year, top-notch hair stylists are referring back to Old Hollywood for their inspiration. From the classic pompadour, a la James Dean, to the classic cut worn by Cary Grant, the old school look is back in again.

I’ve always been a fan of old movies from the 50’s and 60’s, so this movement brings a smile to my face. Yes, my room has posters of James Dean and Elvis Presley on the walls; and yes my two favorite movies are How to Marry A Millionaire (shout out to the one and only Marilyn Monroe) and Breakfast at Tiffany’s (ooo Audrey, how I love you so).

I dug up some good on-line articles from and concerning men’s haircuts for this year. Some of the trends are repetitive, as they are always in style; some looks are rather new. If you are guiding a male friend or bf to change his look (delicately, remember?), keep in mind several elements: His face shape (round, square, oval, triangular, long), his jaw line (soft or accentuated), and his chin (rectangular, round; pronounced or soft). Oh ya, and also think about his persona and profession; you don’t want him to sport a faux-hawk if he is a lawyer, or a Guido look if he is a dentist.

The Buzz Cut: Best for thinning hair and those who want less daily upkeep (a get up, shower, and go look)

Inspiration 1

Inspiration 2

The Classic Cut: Best for those who work in a professional atmosphere (accounting, finance, law). Changeable, but requires more work/upkeep.

Inspiration 1

Inspiration 2

The Pompadour: Edgy/rockstar look; good for those guys who like to stand out and are not bashful. Requires extra attention, time, and grooming products (just not too much gel or pomade).

Inspiration 1

Inspiration 2

The NeoFro: Good for those in the entertainment field; not for the shy ones. Requires careful cutting techniques (see a good barber) and appropriate hair products.

Inspiration 1

Inspiration 2

These four looks are my personal favorites. Usually, I’m a fan of the messy look; but I feel that is more of a summer do. Messy hair reminds me more of Cali; since I’m in the East coast now, I would say that polished and sleek is the way to go for the season.

Since hair is one of the ways that guys can change their look (they usually don’t wear makeup, extensions, or hair color); it’s important that they style their hair accordingly. Of course hair grows back quickly, especially when hair is short; but why wait for your bad haircut to change form if you could get it right the first time?

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