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Naughty or Nice for Halloween?

October 25, 2010

As I prepare for Halloween parties this weekend (starting Thursday night and ending Sunday), I have to decide what kind of costume I would like to wear. Looking through the generic Halloween costume sites, like it occurred to me that there are two different ways to go: naughty or nice. In other words, do I want to look slutty or innovative? Most of the sexy costumes I have found are rather cliche; there are the usual options: sexy nurse, sexy cop, sexy vampire, playmate, sexy witch…and the list goes on and on.

I’m trying to create something more original. In fact, I’m staying away from the store made costumes that are available on most websites and cost anywhere from $25 (on sale) to $250! Yes, you better believe it, two hundred and fifty f*in dollars for a “limited edition,” “collectible” Snow Princess costume. I don’t want to reveal my decision yet, I’d rather keep it a secret; you know, I don’t want anyone stealing my idea.

I wanted to show you a demonstration of the differences between slutty costumes (labeled as Sexy) and fun, cute ones, which still look good and sexy..but they don’t scream “do me now!”

Cases in Point from and :


Jane Jetson
SEXY Jane Jetson


She Devil
SEXY Devil


Snow White

SEXY Snow White






SEXY Fairy



SEXY Nurse



SEXY Dorothy



SEXY Witch





There’s a definite pattern in the Sexy costumes: Fishnet tights, knee high socks, high heals, bustiers, bare bellies, and long hair. I have to admit that some of the sexy costumes are hot– The sexy Jane Jetson and the Sexy Snow White.

What do all of you think?


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