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Mismatch Catastrophe

October 24, 2010

Again, I found a laughable case on campus. Sometimes I do feel bad critiquing others. I understand that maybe someone is having an “off” day. Maybe some one didn’t feel like looking cute. But, don’t people still check them selves out in the mirror for at least 10 seconds before heading out the door? Just 10 seconds..maybe even 4 seconds. Well, clearly the following fashion victim did not think twice before venturing off to class:

Poor girl


This poor girl is wearing far too many colors on the color wheel: red, purple, blue, pink, black, baby blue, and magenta. It’s a definite color overload, blinding at that. I’m hoping that she is colorblind, then she would have a decent excuse.

I don’t even know why she is wearing a hat…it’s not that cold yet. But without pointing fun at her for bundling up too much (afterall, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to stay warm), all I have to say is that she looks like a 7th grader. The backpack (see previous post about Jansport bags), the silly hat, and the bright pink sweater…the only thing that she is missing to complete the look are a pair of mittens and some frog faced rain boots– or maybe those light-up shoes (in pink of course). Maybe her hat should have a pom-pom on the top too.


At times, however, I do feel a bit envious of people who just don’t care. It’s much easier to go out when you don’t care about what you look like. Perhaps I care too much and fall into the category of excessive primping. But if there weren’t any girls like me, who would buy all of the trendy items? Why would designers even bother making clothes if sloppy was the worldwide norm. Retailers would go out of business and the fashion industry would collapse (OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit).

The point is, fashion has a trickle down effect; from the runways to the manufacturers, to the retailers, and finally to the consumers, and a large part of the consumers are college students.

Then another question come to mind: are such fashion catastrophes found in other regions of the world too? Or is the only country (as my mother claims) where a female allows herself to look so disheveled? A little investigating may answer my quandary. The next mission in the world of Phantom Fashion is to uncover the styles abroad. I think that I’ll give my two friends, Alice and Alice (yes, they are both named Alice), from France a ring.

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