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Best Dressed School?

October 14, 2010

Alright, so now it’s survey time. What do you all think the most fashionable school is out of all of the university.

Your options are (in alphabetical order): (1) The School of Architecture (2) The College of Arts and Science (3) School of Education (4) L.C. Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science (5) The College of Human Ecology (6) School of Information Studies (7) College of Law (8) Whitman School of Management (9) Newhouse School of Public Education (10) Maxwell School of Citizenship and Human Affairs (11) College of Visual and Performing Arts (12) University College

This is a tough question to pose since every school has a diverse group of students. But I have my own opinions on this matter. I would say that the creative arts/music/design students definitely showcase their own unique style and usually stand out in a bland crowd. Newhouse has a fair share of trendy students, particularly the girls. Though I dislike that you will find many repetitive looks: leggings, tall leather boots, leather jackets, and expensive jeans. Then we turn the topic over to more conservative schools like Maxwell and Whitman where students normally dress up, especially when they are about to do a presentation. I’m not too sure about the girls and boys at The School of Education and The College of Engineering because I don’t know many people from those schools.

So give me some feedback. Take the survey and let me know what you think. (P.S. I know you’ll want to vote for your own school..unless you absolutely can’t stand it,  but try to be impartial!)

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