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October 11, 2010

I have an obsession: mascara. I feel like I can never find the perfect one…the one that curls, thickens, separates, and most importantly stays on. While waterproof mascaras come in handy during a fight with your bf, while you’re dicing up some onions, or when you’re caught in a Syracusian wizard, I hate how they don’t layer well and turn your eyelashes rock hard. What I hate even more is the impossible task of washing your mascara off at the end of night.

I’m happy to say that I found my new favorite mascara: Clinique’s High Impace Curling Mascara. It does all the things it says it does:

“Coaxes lashes to their longest, boldest, most upturned look yet, without a pinch, pull, tug or tear. Arched wand scoops up, lifts up every last lash. Smudge, flake, smear-resistant for up to 24 eye-opening hours.” —

The great thing about Clinique is that the brand feauture affordable makeup–lower priced than Chanel but higher priced than Revlon. After years of switching from Bourjois, Christian Dior, and Lancome, I’m happy to say that the High Impact Curling Mascara is a winner. I will definitely be sticking with it…until my mascara ADD hits me and I try out another brand!


Clinique's High Impact Curling Mascara $14


Oh ya, buying this makeup essential is a breeze: just stop by the SU Bookstore…and charge it (sorry Dad).

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