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What’s to like about Fred Flare

October 11, 2010

Don’t you just love stumbling across a new website that’s fantastique?

Browsing (Internet Fashion Authority) I found a link to Fred Flare: an online boutique that offers reasonable priced (VERY reasonably priced) goodies. They have accessories from umbrellas to rings, party dresses, shoes, bags…all the stuff we girls love.

Some things are far different than what you’ll find at generic Mall stores. Check it out; just don’t get too addicted!

Crave-worthy Gems:

“Holly GoNightly” sleeping eye mask $15
Thigh High Crochet leg warmers $26
Peanut Butter and Jelly pouch $12
Purple Furry Trooper hat $42
Rain Parade mini umbrellas $32
Monster Ball mini $58
Neff cozy knit headphones $44

Many fashion sources have been raving about Fred Flare too:



Have a friend’s bday coming up? Want to cheer some one up? Or want to cheer yourself up? Now you know how.


















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