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UGGs: back on the quad

October 7, 2010

I saw this coming. I knew they’d be back sooner or later. Well now they’re back and back with vengeance. UGGs. It seems that as soon as the temps fall, those sheepskin boots have exploded on to the scene they have been for about 5 years. After seeing this:

I was less than thrilled about the shoes’ reemergence. The classic UGG in basic camel, especially the short UGG, paired with sweatpants makes me a little sick. It’s the same look I’ve been seeing all over college campuses for my entire college career. It screams lack of originality and conformity.

UGGs, however, have been morphing from their original, bland look. First, the brand transitioned into laced up boots, then it began offering leather alternatives to the sheepskin standard. Last year, UGGs introduced the cable knit boot. This year, UGG is setting its mark in the high-fashion market. With Jimmy Choo designing his own pieces, the boots are earning more prestige.

Here is what Jimmy Choo created for the Australian company:


Kaia $595



Sora in Chocolate $695



Starlit in Black $595



Mandah $795


If you want these rock-star glam chic boots, you have to put your name on the list. You won’t find these at J Micheal’s down the street. If you can afford to spend around at least $595 on a pair, you should pre-order them. I doubt that many girls will be parading down the quad in these.

I was anticipating more stylish pieces from the maestro of sexy boots. I suppose that it is difficult to make UGGs look sexy; but Jimmy Choo has not done much to spice up the brand other than adding suede fringe and gold + silver grommets. I actually think that the Starlit boot is rather silly looking. It reminds me of a pair of boots I had when I was five years old (except they were pink).

I guess I can’t say that UGGs are boring anymore, but I’d rather invest some five hundred dollars in a more streamlined and waterproof Hunter boot.


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  1. Amber permalink
    November 14, 2010 7:32 pm

    Traditional UGGs have always been a little too ug-ly. for my tastes. Did you know that they are meant to be worn in Australian deserts, in sand? They can cause foot-splaying from wearing too often on firm ground. Sweatpants with or without a booty graphic, UGGs and a Northface – college paradigm; yuck.

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