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When did girls stop dressing like girls?

October 4, 2010

Walking about campus, I have noticed how low some girls have sunk. What I’m talking about is the complete neglect of appearance–which can be pardonable in the case of males, but absolutely unacceptable when it comes it to females. I’m not suggesting that a girl needs to walk out with a perfectly made up face and coiffed hair every day, but she should still try to look the part of a girl. That means she should at least step out with her hair dry (not tossed up in a rat bun) and put on a coordinated outfit (not a wrinkled T shirt and sweatpants meant for workouts).

I think back to the previous decades (notably the 50’s) when ladies ALWAYS looked the part. A time when a lady took time to dress. A time when a lady was aware of her appearance. A time when a lady cared. ~refer to image below~

While I can report a number of well dressed girls, I often eye sloppy looking chicas, who can be mistaken for their boy counterparts if it weren’t for their ponytails.

Cases in Point:

Yes, the individual on the right is a girl. Who would have guessed?

Sloppy Sloppy all around

How many offenders can you count?

Just because you're tired, doesn't mean you have to look tired too

Just another one of the guys

When my mother first arrived in this country from Russia, she expressed shock by the way that women dress in this country. She especially couldn’t believe that college students would have the nerve to attend classes in sweatpants, or in some cases even pajamas. What happened to showing professors some respect by being ready for class? And I would say that being ready involves looking ready too. Afterall, would you expect your professor to show up for class in pjs?

I think I’m going to watch Breafast at Tiffany’s now to lift up my mood.

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  1. October 4, 2010 5:27 pm

    There are really people this shallow still? Well fashionista, some girls stopped dressing like girls when they had to work for the life they wanted and the ones who had money and the life they wanted already, figured out it was hard to preform quality work in a dress, heels, and pearls. Also not many people take a girl who cant put the credit card down too seriously. Nowadays you have no idea why that person is dressed that way. How about they had an off day…raged the night before and decided to go to class anyway instead of missing out on an education just because they didn’t have time to squeeze a shower in. Or maybe like a lot of college kids they don’t have the time or money to waste on hair products and new cloths.I have been in a place where I could not afford anything but food.Not everyone has parents or a trust fund to fall back on when there clinique face wash runs out or they rip a pair of pants. It’s COLLEGE! Most kids live there. You mean to tell me you never walk around in you sweatpants at home? Most professors are just happy a student shows up to class and gives input. They get paid no matter what you ware. It is sad to think that people actually stare at how someone dresses in disgust. I have met a lot of beautiful girls I wish I never met. I always want a pretty well dressed girl to be a sweetheart. I am often let down. Your looks mean nothing in the end…its who you were and what you did with your time here. I don’t care how your hair is you might be the coolest person I ever met. I enjoy looking pretty like most girls but if you don’t care awesome. I am jealous of you. I would have so much more time energy and money. In the 50’s a women’s jobs consisted of housework children and looking pretty. Being superficial and beautiful was just one of the many distractions for the time period. Women were slowly working on being heard instead of just seen. If you only want to be seen you should try not speaking. If it mattered that much to your mother she should have went back to Russia. Here in the US we are free to wear pjs where ever we want when ever we want…I think I go out in sweats today spit on the ground think of your blog and laugh 🙂

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