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Pet Peeve: Patagonia jackets with business wear

September 30, 2010

Come on girls: Now I know that when it rains what you care about the most is staying dry..but must you really spoil that nice business outfit by throwing a jacket over it that is designed for camping?!

I see this fashion disaster all the time and every time I feel the same wave of disappointment and confusion. A girl is dressed up for a business presentation at Whitman or for a career fair. She selects a pressed pair of black twill cotton pants, a button down shirt, and 3 inch heals. Before leaving her pad she makes sure that her blowdried, straightened hair is neatly in place, secured by bobby pins where needed. Her makeup is flawless since she needs to impress. Carefully applied lipstick, foundation, and hopefully waterproof mascara.

So why on earth does she ruin her sense of professionalism by donning one of those un-fashionable Patagonia jackets?? Does she really think that she is invisible to every one outside? I understand that she cares most about looking the “part” once indoors when she is face to face with her classmates or prospective employers. But nonetheless, she cannot play the “ostrich”, pretending that no one can see her underneath her nylon hood.

Has anyone ever heard of a raincoat? And I don’t mean that Big Bird yellow raincoat that you wore when you were five years old. If you don’t have one yet, I highly recommend you invest in one (or two). Here are some options:

Aquascutum Lyra Packaway Raincoat $179.99 at Saks Fifth Avenue

Icon Trench $298 at

Metallic Nylon Trench Coat by Tory Burch $254.99 at Saks Fifth Avenue

Clocktower Trench $188 at Madewell

Girls: don’t spoil your look just because it’s raining. Embrace bad weather and stand out in the crowd of wet hoodies, black umbrellas, and those blah Patagonia jackets. Remember: when in doubt, do what Audrey would do:

Take a cue from Breakfast at Tiffany's

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